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Diet Energy Drinks: Good Or Bad?

Gotta cracking question from a friend of mines in the Army. He’s noticed a large increase in consumption of ‘zero’ version energy drinks amongst the men in camp, like ‘Monster zero ultra’. And he’s wondering if these no sugar, low-calorie options are actually any better or just another can of problems waiting to happen? I’d […]

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5 Biggest Mistakes I Made Trying To Gain Muscle

I’m your typical ‘hard gainer’ Always been the skinny guy who struggled to build muscle. But yet, still easily got soft and flabby looking too. Here I am back in 2006, weighing in at the low 60 kilos and in great need of a new chest and set of arms to fill out my uniform: […]

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The Busy Dads Essential Fat Burning Tool Kit

Through my own experiences with training and helping Dads get in shape Great results are not directly correlated with how often you get to the gym But how consistent you are with the basics One of those basics IS working out But for a busy Dad? Stuff often comes up with family or work Or […]

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