About - Dean MC Menamin

I'll Help You Be a Fitter Dad, Healthier Role Model & Feel Proud of Who You See In The Mirror...

Without Dieting, Strict Food Rules or Unsustainable Workout Routines.

Here's How...

If you're a dad who wants to feel healthier, fitter and stronger to be more active with your kids, proud of your own body and set better examples to your family.


If you've already tried to achieve these goals in the past, and feel that your limited time to exercise or prepare healthier foods, or lack of access to gym equipment is stopping you achieving great results for your body...

Then learning to how to eat better in any situation, train your body properly (even with minimal equipment) and build long-term sustainable habits is essential to living a healthier and fitter life.

That's what I'm dedicated to helping you achieve with my coaching programs.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Being a dad of 2 myself, I know that family life and work can take over a lot of your spare time.

I also have a military background. I served in the Army from the age of 16, for 11 years, so also know what it's like to travel a lot for work. A lot of the men I coach travel for work, too. Some off-shore, others around the UK, and some run their own businesses.

Having such a busy work and family life brings a lot of challenges.

I'm Dean McMenamin 


From the energy demands to the often unpredictability of schedule and free time to work on your goals, to often not having access or time to prepare healthier foods and a gym.

I know how hard it can be to prioritise your health when you're low on energy and time.

And I'm here to help you eat better without dieting, counting calories or strict food rules, and make the right exercise second nature (whether in a fully equipped gym or with minimal equipment at home or on the road) so you can keep up with the dad-life and look awesome at the swimming pool with the kids.

Here's 8 Good Reasons You Should listen To Me...


Despite being physically active most of my life, my diet and lifestyle choices were pretty shocking up until my late 20's. I've been skinny-fat, self conscious and depressed. I've gone through my own transformation of habits and lifestyle. I know it's not easy and know how to help you overcome the challenges ahead of you.


Being healthier, having more energy to deal with stress and more body confidence has made me a better dad, partner and role model. Everyone benefits, and I want you have the same results for you and your family.


I want to make the process of change and achieving your goals simple and uncomplicated. No crazy dieting, strict food rules or unsustainable exercise plans. I want eating better and fitness to enhance life for both you and your family. Not make it harder.


I've coached and helped hundreds of dads over 30, 40, even 50 years old gain more energy, feel fantastic and get in the best physical shape of their lives. 


Whether you're eating meals from home every day or work away and eat on the go, I can help you eat better and achieve your goal whatever your situation.


I've been known to help men lose weight, get fit, strong and look epic whilst only training in their hotel rooms or at home with their own body weight and a few resistance bands.


So whether you have access to full gym equipment or want to train at home with minimal kit - I know how to help you achieve jaw-dropping results.


I don't expect you to be perfect or follow a plan 100%. That's unrealistic for anyone. All that matters to me is you give your best, and no matter how often you slip up, you dust yourself off and get straight back to it. This isn't about the plan, it's about you, making improvements and learning to be consistent for life.

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We Have A Proven Track Record With Busy Dads In Their 30s, 40s, And 50s...

Nick, 43, Dad of 2 From Aberdeen...

Gerry, 40, From Airdrie 

Stuart, Dad of 2 From England

Ricardo, Dad of 2 From England

Paul From Dundee

Scott, From Glasgow 

Simon From England 

Embarrassed and ashamed was how I felt before starting with Dean. It was highlighted when my wife surprised me one morning with an early trip away for an upcoming birthday. We go on holiday have a great time in Iceland (recommend it) then come home and look at the pictures. Those pictures disgusted me, even compared to looking in the mirror I didn’t realise just how much weight I had gained over the last few years. I have lost 35lb (more than a fifth of my starting weight) and a load of inches, not to mention getting stronger (doing pullups - something I have never been able to do previously). Feeling better all-round, more energy and positivity which rubs off on everybody around me. If you are on the fence, thinking about it I’d say just jump into one of the short programs Dean offers and give it a shot. Being self-employed I’ve got a bad habit of trying to do everything myself but this has taught me another lesson, sometimes it’s better to pay someone and save the time and frustration of trying to work it all out yourself. Dean has a wealth of knowledge and is very relatable, not to mention the support from the other guys in the program.Thanks, Dean for the on-going support

Craig Greig

Dad of 2, Self-Employed Mono blocker from Glasgow, Scotland

Prior to the coaching programme with Dean, I was stuck in a rut... I had hit 41 and felt tired, overweight and generally fed up. 

Before starting I wasn’t sure if this was for me, and if it would work. I had tried various on-line/self managed training plans/phone apps which worked in the short term but fizzled out, so I had some preconception this programme might go the same way. The element missing from the other training plans, was the personal element provided by Dean. A down to earth coach (not a glitzy celebrity), with real life experience of what its like to live, work and raise a family in Scotland that I found I could easily relate to. The strength workouts have helped me tone up and I have become faster with the regular running I was already doing. But perhaps one of the more important elements of the programme for me, is I now know more about my nutrition, what works for me and how to become more consistent in what I’m eating and drinking. But even better (as its not about the numbers) I now look and feel better... clothes that have not fitted me for months/years now do, I feel more confident in my appearance and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.

Gareth Smyth

Dad of 2 From Ireland, Living in Scotland

Before working with Dean I was unfit, carrying excess body fat and conscious of both my overall health and appearance. I had been wanting to get in shape for some time but didn’t know where to start, I had tried a couple of programs at home but without any real success. I am a year in now and am blown away by the results. My body is so much leaner and toned, my fitness and strength are at levels they have never been before and I feel so much better overall. If you are thinking about it my advice would be to do it, I am 43 years old with 2 young kids and am in the best shape of my life.

Nick Robinson

Dad of 2, From Aberdeen 

Ian Donald

Dad of 3, Medical Nurse and Army Reservist

"Before I started with Dean I was the heaviest I'd ever been, having gained around a stone during lockdown. I knew I had to do something and had tried a few fad diets and crazy workout programs that all worked but only for a couple of weeks max, before I'd gain all the lost weight back again. My energy levels were pretty low, something I'd put down to age and work rather than diet. I found almost instantly that by Dean introducing small manageable habits on a weekly or 2 weekly basis, I was able to eat better, lose a good amount of weight (9kg in 60 days) and have since continued Deans program and have lost a further 3 kg in the following month. I'm fitting in clothes that were always too tight, feeling more energetic and looking forward to hitting my personal targets over the next few months"

Gavin Taylor

Dad of 2,  From England 

One day I stepped out the shower, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just thought wow, look at that. You can really see the changes.

James Blackshaw, 

Dad of 2, Train Engineer From Paisley

I had 3 months until my honeymoon to Jamaica but didn't feel good about going. Dean helped me make really simple and achievable improvements with my eating and training each week. I went on my honeymoon feeling awesome. It was the first time I've felt really good about having my shirt off on the beach.

Marc Reid

Dad of 2, Vehicle Mechanic From Paisley

I had a stroke at 50 years old and 16 1/2 stone. I had to change my life before I didn't have a life anymore. Dean helped me make the nutritional changes and it all became second nature to me. I've lost so much weight, my energy is through the roof, I'm flying in work every day, I'm working out, eating better, sleeping better, life's just so much better.

Jim Kelly

Dad of 2, Roof Layer from Glasgow

Before I started I was feeling pretty crap about myself. Noticed pictures with my top off a few months before and could see I had put on a bit of weight. Always thought a would stay thin but it doesn't work that way never exercising and eating rubbish all the time and it was catching up on me. My body was looking out of shape. So I was thinking I would give the gym thing another go then I came across Deans programme on Facebook so I applied to join. Dean helped me with the nutrition side because it's something that I knew nothing about. it wasn't long before I had more energy than ever and as the weeks started to go by I saw the change in my body as well. My belly disappeared I could see muscles in places I never noticed before. Was seeing the body getting toned up good. Can only thank Dean for helping me get to where I am now. Cheers bro

Thomas Jeffrey

Driver from Pollok, Glasgow.

I was working out on my own for a year or 2 without seeing any results. I've been training with Dean for 10 weeks now and the transformation I've gone through is amazing. My strength levels have doubled, I'm leaner, more muscular and feel amazing. It's been challenging but easy to get through with the support and encouragement from Dean and the other lads in the team. He helped me overhaul my diet now I'm healthier and even sleeping better. Basically everything has improved and I couldn't be prouder of myself. Thanks a million Dean you have actually changed my life.

William Lockhart

Full Time Nurse & Dad of 1 From Glasgow

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