5 Ways To Curb Cravings, Stop Eating Crap & Get In The Best Shape of Your Life - Dean McMenamin

5 Ways To Curb Cravings, Stop Eating Crap & Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

“I eat way too much crap”

“my diet’s horrendous”

“I have cravings all the time”

If any of this sounds familiar?

I know the feeling. I used to be the same way

But cutting it all out isn’t really as simple as, well, cutting it all out… Because more often than not, there’s good reasons we can’t stop eating junk foods…

How we feel (for whatever reason) being a big part of the problem (undernourished, tired, too many temptations, habit).

and until we address them, ^^^ amigo?

will power – to ‘cut it all out’, usually isn’t enough.

So here’s 5 ways to fix it:


If you’re kitchen’s full of cookies, ice-cream and whatever else you tend to overeat on?

At some stage, either you or someone you care about is gonna eat it all.

So make healthy eating easy (and falling off the wagon hard) by ripping it all out and keeping the place stocked up with convenient fruits, whole foods, and other healthy stuff.

Or at least start by replacing the junk with stuff that’s a little bit better.


Easier said than done, but just do it

Most men, when stressed out tend to eat more to make them feel better (and I don’t mean more chicken and broccoli). This won’t improve by chance. You need to work on it.

Actively eliminate meaningless tasks and negative people from your life who stress you out. And work on yourself, too, so that you’re better equipped for dealing with stress.

The simplest place to start is getting better sleep.

Check this article for help with that:



Most people who struggle with cravings are undernourished.

When I help my clients get to a point where healthy eating is second nature and they’re getting all their vital nutrients every day from a healthier diet, they don’t get cravings and eat less crap

Who’d a thought?


Eat lean proteins (meat, fish, eggs) at every main meal and get at least 5 colorful fruits and veggies each day too.


Same as above.

A lot of folks confuse dehydration with hunger… when you’re not getting enough water?

You’ll have way more cravings.

But when you are hydrated all the time?

-> more energy, less hunger and you’ll be way more productive too.

Aim for at least 2L per day.


Start one,

And make it at the same time every night.

Because boredom in front of the TV is one of the biggest slayers of healthy eating.

Even if you’re not hungry, you end up snooping through that fridge anyway (which is where nailing number 1 comes in real handy).

There you go, my mate, if you spend this year mastering just those 5 things (alongside a good exercise routine)

You’ll be in a very, very good place.

Let’s get to work.


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