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How To Build An Awesome Gym-Free Body


I recently got the question from one of my readers:

“Am I at a disadvantage by not using a gym?” 

Absolutely not…

One client of mines, James Blackshaw, lost over 20lbs and built his strength up dramatically, training in hotel rooms.

He works on trains around England and gets back home to his family in Scotland at weekends, so, lives in hotels most of the time.

So, I hooked him up with a training plan to get him strong with mostly just his body weight.

We also worked on improving his diet to the best of what he has available to him.

Don’t get me wrong…

I LOVE training in a gym and lifting weights, but it’s NOT essential.

Sometimes I take 3 months of the year to do bodyweight only training.

Cus it’s fun (and it works). 


Here’s What You DO Need 

There’s only 3 pieces of kit I’d say are essential…

1) Pull-up bar.

2) Suspension trainer.

3) Ab roller (Not so much essential, but it’s cheap, portable and builds great core, lat and shoulder strength).

You can get them all off Amazon, dirt cheap.

These let you train your back muscles, biceps, and grip properly with pulling excises like inverted rows, chin ups, pull ups, 1 arm rows.

Then ab roll-outs a little bit later when you build up some strength on simple planks, first.

Strength Goals 

Don’t focus on the mirror, or the scale, those take a LONG time to change.

But your performance improves fast.

So, if you take a simple exercise, like press-ups and get to a standard of 30 reps without stopping.

Every rep slow, controlled and done properly…

You’ll have a lot more strength and muscle in your chest, shoulders and triceps than you have now if you can only do 5-10.

Catch my drift?


Here’s 6 basic exercises with standards to aim for: 

1) Press ups: 20-30 reps.

2) Inverted row @ 30 degree angle: 20-30 reps.

3) Chin ups: 5-10 reps.

4) Squat: 40 reps.

5) Split squat: 15-20 reps.

6) Plank: 2 minutes.

^^ once you can do all of those with slow, controlled, picture perfect form…


Here’s some tougher goals to aim for: 

1) Hand-stand press-ups: 5-10 reps.

2) Pull ups (overhand grip) 5-10 reps.

3) Skater squat: 10-15 reps.

4) Pistol squat: 5-10 reps.

5) Ab roll-outs: 20-30 reps.

That’s enough to give you at least 2 years of training.

Master all of those, and you’ll be strong AF (and look epic when you’re at the pools with your kids, too).



It’s always nice to vary things up, though…

So, I recommend investing in a weighted vest to make you even stronger on the above exercises.

Then a pair of adjustable dumbbells to add in some shrugs, farmers carry and Romanian deadlifts to build your traps, hamstrings, and glutes some more.

But those last ones are just icing on the cake.

There ya go, my mate…

All you’ll ever need to turn yourself into a home-made athlete.

Get after it.


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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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Michael McKay says September 19, 2019

Hi Dean just looking for some advice on trying to lose weight and get fit as I’m struggling to get any results from going to my local gym . I’ve been put on medication due to a recent breakdown with depression

    Dean McMenamin says October 2, 2019

    Hi Michael. Thanks for reading the article, and Sorry for the delayed reply, buddy. My notifications weren’t on. I’ll send you an email as it’s best for me to get a bit more background so I can give you more specific advice to help you.

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