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James Blackshaw’s Story

I couldn’t be happier for James. I still remember our first video-call, where he told me his main goal was simply to ‘feel fitter’ as he was tired and struggling to keep up with his 2 young boys after a long weeks work.

He also told me how he’d followed the ‘Insanity’ program, which helped him lose weight but he felt like he lost a lot of muscle because he didn’t look or feel any better for it.

He also doubted he could ever ‘eat right’ or ‘train properly’ because he works away from home Monday to Friday, living in different hotels which don’t always have gyms, food is limited to whatever the chef’s put on the hot plate, and lunch is picked up on-the-go. So, eventually (after 5 whole months of ‘thinking about it’) he sent me a message to ask for help…

Honestly, the training and nutrition to get him to this point was very simple. With a little structure, we got him fitter and stronger with simple workouts in his hotel rooms, with nothing but his body weight, a few resistance bands, an ab-roller, and a weighted vest. I helped him understand how to eat better from any menu, wherever he finds himself, and how to get the right ‘quick foods’ for lunch on-the-go, from most shops and supermarkets. 

Now he’s fully equipped with the right knowledge he needs to eat, train and live better to keep himself in awesome shape – for life.

The only challenging parts for him where being at home when ‘Dad duty’ calls. Where priority is family time (and often found himself enjoying a cake, biscuits or pizza with the fam). There’s also been a few occasions where his work-mates encouraged him out for a few pints after work. Which is totally fine…

Because as James has learned, we don’t need to live like monks to be fit, healthy and strong. We can enjoy these things as part of a healthy life. Fitness and good nutrition should ENHANCE our lives. Not make it miserable. 

Anyway, we ended up a total of 30lbs lost (it looks like a lot more, but he’s certainly gained muscle he didn’t have before, too) and we lost 17.5 inches all-round. But losing weight or gaining muscle was never the important part. His main goal was to FEEL FITTER. To be a better Dad, more active with his 2 boys at weekends. He managed to exceed his own expectations with these results. I mean, just look how proud he stands and holds himself in those after photos.

These days, he’s living life to the full, hiking Munro’s, and having his kids trying to keep up with him…

I’m extremely proud and grateful to have been in his corner during this phase of the journey.

Now that he’s seen what he’s really capable of, the next step for him is continued progress, with a goal of being able to see those abs more visibly.

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– Dean McMenamin

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