Body Transformation For Busy 30+ Dads

I Help Unfit UK Dads Get Fit, Strong & Be Healthier Role-Models For Their Families

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Why We Are Different


Finally end the frustration you feel of exercising hard for below average results. Gain more energy and start seeing the results you have been striving for without strict food rules or feeling deprived.


Step-by-step guidance and accountability from a coach who has a proven track record helping busy dads transform their bodies.


Nutrition & exercise coaching delivered online, to your phone. Workout whenever and wherever suits you, in a fully equipped gym or at home with minimal equipment. I can help - No matter how busy you are.

"Many Dads fail to prioritise their health because they're low on energy and time. I help Dads eat better without dieting, counting calories or strict food rules, and make exercise second nature so they keep up with the dad-life and look 'the business' at the swimming pools with the kids.

How Would You Like To...

  • Be the fit Dad and great role model for your kids?
  • Have the energy to crush it at work, run rings around the kids, keep on top of things around the house and have plenty left to work on your body goals?
  • Look cool AF with your shirt off and feel great taking your kids swimming and hitting the pools on holidays?
  • Be the man all your friends and family turn to for fitness and nutrition advice?
  • Stay fit and active with your kids as they grow and be around long enough to do the same with your grand-kids?
  • Be more attractive for your wife?
  • Feel awesome in neat-fitted clothes, on a night out or just doing garden work with your shirt off in summer?

How You Can Get Started



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You'll then get FREE motivational daily emails packed full of no BS nutrition and training advise for dads where you'll also find out more my coaching program and how I can help achieve your goals.


Reach Out When Ready

Whenever you're ready, just hit reply to any of my emails, we'll have a chat about your goals then get you on your way to feeling more energetic and getting in the shape of your life.

If You Want More Energy to Keep up With The Dad-Life & Feel Proud of Your Body? Grab My FREE Eat-Better Guide For Busy Dads Below: 

Here’s What Others Have to Say

I had 3 months until my honeymoon to Jamaica but didn't feel good about going. Dean helped me make really simple and achievable improvements with my eating and training each week. I went on my honeymoon feeling awesome. It was the first time I've felt really good about having my shirt off on the beach.

Marc Reid

Vehicle Mechanic, Dad of 1 From Paisley

Been with Dean coming on 4 months. Absolutely love it never been in this kind of shape in my life. Been on holidays with my top off and noticed lassies checking me out. I am sleeping better and feeling leaner as time goes by. The best thing I have done this year was join up and meet Dean

Jamie Woods

Dad of 2 from Paisley

One day I stepped out the shower, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just thought wow, look at that. You can really see the changes.

James Blackshaw

If You Want More Energy to Keep up With The Dad-Life & Feel Proud of Your Body? Grab My FREE Eat Better Guide For Busy Dads Below: 

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