Making Dads 35+ Fit Again

Discover How UK & Ireland Dads Are Getting Physically Fit, Mentally Strong, & Becoming Healthier Role-Models

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Why We Are Different


End the frustration of working out hard for below average results. Increase your energy and start seeing the body you deserve without BS diets or exercise taking over.

Every Day Dads

This isn't for athletes or anyone who's already in great shape. It's designed for dads over 30 who struggle to stay consistent and want to finally get in the shape of their life by creating sustainable, healthier habits.


You're not just given a program and left to your own devices. I work with you - a coach in your corner keeping you on path so you never feel stuck and stay accountable to finally having the body you want. 

"Many Dads struggle to get in shape because they're low on energy and time. I'll help you eat better without unsustainable diets, build fitness into your life in a way that works for you, and finally feel proud of your body and fitness. 

How Would You Like To...

  • Be a fitter, healthier role model for the kids?
  • Have the energy to crush it at work, run rings around the kids, keep on top of things at home and have plenty left to accomplish your fitness goals?
  • Look smart AF in fitted t-shirts?
  • Be the fittest Dad at the beach?
  • Have all your friends and family turn to for fitness and nutrition advice?
  • Feel confident to take on new challenges and big physical adventures? 
  • Be more attractive for the wife?

(Coach Dean *left* with some former clients - now good friends - on a trekking trip on Mount Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa)

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Here’s What Other Dad's I've Helped Are Saying...

I contacted Dean and started with the rebirth programme in January. I haven't looked back, the transformation in my health, my energy, my body shape is something I didn't believe would happen again for me.

Stuart Dearden

Accountant, Father of 1, Manchester. 

"I'm impressed with what Stuart has achieved. Being in his 40s he even surprised himself with his results. He has a really high pressure accounting job, and lives an hour away from his son which means a lot of travelling around to see his kid. But he took my advice well in making slow and steady changes instead of following more mainstream diet advice. Now, over two years later he's still in this shape and the healthier lifestyle is just normal way of life for him. He's a great example for other men wanting to get fit" - Coach Dean. 

"I am much stronger, have totally changed my nutrition, lost 6 inches from my waist and over 2 stone in flab. More significantly though, I feel much better about myself. I have minimal equipment in my garage ‘set up’ and I enjoy my workouts. This worked for me as the program flexibility and time commitment required makes it all much more achievable"

Jams Tait

Dad of two, husband, Tugboat Master From Aberdeen, Living in England.

"The first thing in my head when I think about James, was his self doubt in the beginning. He'd already started loads of health kicks before and always ended up quitting. It made him unsure of himself and it showed in the conversation we were having about his goals. Conversations with him now are different, though. He never doubts his ability to take on new challenges. He's confident and sure about the direction he's going in. He talks about workouts and lifting weights as if he's been doing it since he was born. For me, that's the biggest transformation he's made and what I'm most proud of. His confidence and self-belief has went through the roof" - Coach Dean. 

One day I stepped out the shower, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just thought wow, look at that. You can really see the changes.

James Blackshaw

Father of two, husband, train engineer from Glasgow

"James had some very unique challenges. He lives with his family in Paisley, Scotland, but works in England Monday to Friday as a train engineer so a lot of travelling, eating on-the-go, from hotel, restaurant menus, and no access to gyms. He started working out with just his bodyweight, a suspension trainer, and resistance bands in his hotel rooms. Despite all these limitations he was willing to keep making the best of what was within his control. It was this attitude that created this transformation. A lot of people with much more optimal circumstances don't achieve anything like this. And that's what impressed me most with James. His willingness to make the most of the tools he's got" - Coach Dean. 

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