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42 Ways To Be Fitter, Stronger, Healthier Than Everyone Else

Over 60% of men in the UK and Ireland are obese or overweight. It’s normal to have high blood pressure and pre-diabetic. Auto-immune conditions are becoming normal. The number of fat kids are rising too – when I was in school in the nineties and early 2000’s, there was like, three. They need more healthier […]

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5 Ways To Curb Cravings, Stop Eating Crap & Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

“I eat way too much crap” “my diet’s horrendous” “I have cravings all the time” If any of this sounds familiar? I know the feeling. I used to be the same way But cutting it all out isn’t really as simple as, well, cutting it all out… Because more often than not, there’s good reasons we […]

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The Antidote: Healthy Eating For Men Who Love Their Grub

I’m about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, I can help you change your life for the better. Sticking to a healthy diet is right up there with the hardest things on earth.  But that depends on your approach to diet. I’m a nutrition coach and I’ve never stuck to a […]

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Are Poor Sleep Habits Ruining Your Body & Health?

Men are changing… Low muscle mass, man boobs, ‘Dad bods’ are becoming the norm. Many are embarrassed to take their kids swimming or hit the pool on holiday. Energy levels at rock-bottom, hooked on caffeine and suffering mood swings. If you’re a man experiencing any of the above? Keep reading The quality of your sleep […]

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Do This To Lose More Fat (Without Doing More Exercise)

I’ve got a challenge for you If you’re interested in losing fat (and staying lean) it’ll help a lot I challenged my clients with the same thing recently and it was a big eye-opener for a few of them… “zero calorie drinks” for 7 days The reason? Most people don’t realize how many unnecessary and […]

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Diet Energy Drinks: Good Or Bad?

Gotta cracking question from a friend of mines in the Army. He’s noticed a large increase in consumption of ‘zero’ version energy drinks amongst the men in camp, like ‘Monster zero ultra’. And he’s wondering if these no sugar, low-calorie options are actually any better or just another can of problems waiting to happen? I’d […]

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