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5 Ways To Curb Cravings, Stop Eating Crap & Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

“I eat way too much crap” “my diet’s horrendous” “I have cravings all the time” If any of this sounds familiar? I know the feeling. I used to be the same way But cutting it all out isn’t really as simple as, well, cutting it all out… Because more often than not, there’s good reasons we […]

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How To Win At Life

It’s all good setting goals and New Year resolutions but it’s hard to win at life when you’re not keeping score it’s too easy to focus on everything you don’t have, haven’t done or seen and that’s a mindset that’ll keep you from ever being truly happy so, before you go setting some new goals […]

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Overcoming The ‘Fuck It’ Mentality

I fell off the wagon today  Big time Slept in by 2 hours this morning, lost half the day and didn’t get to the gym. I only did a quick bodyweight workout done at home. But that’s not where I really screwed up… Whilst planning my week in D’nisis cafe over a coffee, I crumbled […]

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Are Poor Sleep Habits Ruining Your Body & Health?

Men are changing… Low muscle mass, man boobs, ‘Dad bods’ are becoming the norm. Many are embarrassed to take their kids swimming or hit the pool on holiday. Energy levels at rock-bottom, hooked on caffeine and suffering mood swings. If you’re a man experiencing any of the above? Keep reading The quality of your sleep […]

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How To Do What You Said You Would

Yesterday I took a huge leap. Literally… I did my first bungee jump and faced my fear of heights. Which is crazy, cus my nerves were rattling just before it. In fact, I almost didn’t do it (Seriously) As I shuffled forward to that edge… I got all dizzy and felt very, very panicky. I mean, […]

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