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Change Your Perception, Smarten Up Your Strategies, Transform Your Body

This week on the live DM Health Show, I’m joined by my coach, Simon Gwilliam, who is a top-class expert in training and upgrading the mind, and founder of the Unbreakable Academy.

So many men are always starting and stopping, but never achieving their body transformation goals, and really struggle with real, long-term change. Simon and I both work very hard to change that.

Hit play and watch (or listen as you go about some of your house-hold chores or usual commutes), as we discuss…

  • Big mistakes a lot of men make when starting out on their body transformation journey, and what we recommend instead.
  • How our results are limited by the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Why you’ll never get in shape, regardless of how hard you work, if you’re stressed out and sleeping crap (and some ways to fix it).
  • The transformational power of focusing on the process, rather than the end result.
  • Morning and evening rituals for spiking your energy, keeping you focussed, and growing your levels of self-belief.

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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and online nutrition & exercise coach helping busy men transform their bodies, regain self-confidence and be healthier role models for their kids. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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