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From Dad Bod To Fit Bod In 12 Weeks

“I’ve always been slim built and wanted to tone up or even bulk up and over the years I’ve tried but the usual stories you probably hear that don’t see results or lose interest to busy with works and kids etc but now I’m starting to get a dad belly”

It was around summer 2020, not long after we entered the first lock-down of the Covid pandemic here in the UK.

I got a message from William over on the old book of face. Basically, he’d gone from skinny to skinny-fat. And the whole thing was having big negative impacts on his life. He told me:

“I’m hoping to feel better again to be fitter and stronger not just physically but mentally also as I have lost my energy can’t be bothered most days doing much or making good meals or playing with the kids all just feels like a challenge every day then in turn life will be much better when I have that buzz about me again the get up and go attitude.”

So he was hoping I could help. Honestly, I’m so glad he sent me that message. Because a lot has changed for him since. He’s only been around 12 weeks into our program between these photos:

Initially went through our Rebirth program. And he loved the results so much, he didn’t hesitate to roll straight into our inner circle.

Obviously, he looks terrific. But here’s the important changes…

He feels much more confident in his clothes. He can wear a t-shirt in nice weather and feel good about how he looks. He even stands taller and feels more proud of himself.

Hint: A good exercise program always addresses postural problems.

He has way more energy to be the super-hero dad after a day’s work (and crush his workout). And he’s eating better and feels great about the examples he’s setting.

Those are the important things. Of course, there’s some vanity in this process. We all want to look good, for us.

But plenty of people can live miserably in a bid to get there. We didn’t do any of that. Strict food rule and a lifestyle overhaul were never going to work for WilliamDespite. He was already low on energy and motivation. Can you imagine a deprivation approach doing any good for his confidence levels?

This is why a lot of busy dads fail. It’s common for them to start out with hard rules demanding all kinds of will-power, despite already running on high stress, low energy, and time. They want instant results. But you know that ends, right? Often doesn’t make it past Friday night.

And although William’s actually seen some fast results, in terms of physical changes, our process is rather slow and steady. No dieting. No calorie counting. No strict rules. No crazy workout routines that aren’t sustainable after 6 weeks. We helped William eat better and build fitness into his life without it taking over.

Big credit to William, here. It actually takes a lot of discipline to take thing’s slow and trust the process. Like I say, most lads are in a big rush to change at the start. But William took my advice, didn’t change too much at first, and just put his faith in the process. Which he got big returns for in results.

If you want to feel great about your body and stay that way? Take William’s lead…

Start slow. Focus more on the process than you do on the end result.

If you need help with that process?

I lay out the best start for you on the 28-day Rebirth program.

And I coach in real-time all the way through it. Week by week. Step by step.

It’s designed specifically for busy dads aged 30+ who want to start feeling better about their health and bodies.

Or get back to feeling as good, and better than they did before settling down and starting a family.

It’s all done remotely, so you can join us from anywhere at all, with minimal equipment, from home.

If you’re interested?

Send me message via the contact form on my website or PM my Facebook page.

we’ll have a chat and we’ll see if it’s right for you.


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