How This Dad Swapped XL T-Shirts For Mediums & Got Fit AF - Dean McMenamin

How This Dad Swapped XL T-Shirts For Mediums & Got Fit AF

“I wasn’t in the worst place I’d ever been before I started with Dean, in fact I’d been making a small bit of progress on losing weight by myself – but I’d stalled and was a bit frustrated with the lack of results over the previous few months and was just going at it with no structure, system or accountability. I knew that I wanted to keep up the good work and lose more weight but I was worried that Dean’s programme was more “working out, building muscle- gym focussed”

This is where Mike was at before he reached out to me. He’s a dad of 2 from Aberdeen who works off shore in the oil industry. 

Gym’s were a bit, shall we say, Alien to Mike. He’s never been a ‘gym guy’, so worried that aspect of the coaching program would mean it wouldn’t work for him. But after I explained most of the success stories he saw from me were actually from guys who workout at home, he was pleasantly surprised.

“I’d seen some advertising, got the emails, enjoyed the content – but I wasn’t confident to make the jump into the unknown.

Was I ready to put myself out of my comfort zone? Did I have time for it? And I don’t go to the gym!

I reached out to Dean with a couple of questions and concerns. I was keen to build the habits especially on nutrition, but I was worried I’d be out of my depth with the workouts.

Dean gave me some reassurance, details on the minimal equipment I would need to get into it – which I am still using today – and what to expect from the work outs and the coaching app – and the support that he is able to deliver. Suddenly it all seemed less intimidating.”

From there he decided to jump on the Rebirth program for 28 days to get on track again. It’s only 28 days, what’s to lose? Thankfully, he was so happy with it, he decided to progress from Rebirth into my Inner Circle coaching program, and here’s where he’s at now…

I’ve Lost 17kgs, Buy My Clothes Medium Instead of XL, And Can Do Great Looking Reps on a Bunch of Exercises That Were Out of My Reach Before”

  • Total CMs Lost: 78cm
  • Total Waist Lost: 23cm
  • Total Weight Lost: 18.2kg
  • From XL t-shirts now into Medium.
  • Time So Far: 18 months.

“Wind forward 18 months, and I’m enjoying my work outs at home and at the gym – and the habits I have built have become second nature. Oh, and I’ve lost 17kgs, buy my clothes medium instead of XL and can do great looking reps on a bunch of exercises that were out of my reach before! And, I’ve Had to Have My Kilt and Trews Resized

Mikes truly transformed himself physically, and mentally. He’s been hitting the beaches in summer with his family, shirtless. Hitting the gym’s when working offshore. And he’s invested in some new dumbbells and bench for training with at home.

He’s become the fit guy who inspires other people around him to get fit.

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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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