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5 Lessons From 1.5 Years Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Progress

When someone comments on how well you’re looking or notices changes in your physique, it’s hard to beat that feeling.

You’ve been putting in the hard yards and finally, you have that confirmation it’s all paying off, because people are noticing the change.

It takes a while into the process, but when the comments start happening, it’s great for your motivation (and ego).

It happened just last week to one of my Inner Circle members, David.

Someone asked him…

“Have you been lifting weights?”

And he wasn’t slow in celebrating, by letting myself and the guys in our group know about it, which was awesome to see…

Here’s the thing …

David’s been working with me for 1.5 years, and although he saw incredible progress in the early days, the real transformation is ‘visible’ a bit later.

Whether you just want to lose some belly fat and tone up, which was David’s initial goal.

Or then go onto putting some extra muscle on (David’s goal right now).

You have to play the long game and make sensible (sustainable) changes if you’re going to get in shape, and stay in shape.

Especially if you’re anything like David, who’s in his 40s, has a family and a very busy career.

And he’s done an awesome job without dieting or fitness taking over his life:

Anyway, I asked David a follow up question:

“What’s your 5 biggest lessons learned from this process over the past 1.5 years?”

And I thought you might find his answer helpful, so here it is:

  1. Fill a water bottle at the start of the day and keep it close by.
  2. Plan your next meal before you get hungry.
  3. Do your workout even if not in the mood – you’ll feel better afterwards.
  4. Sleep is more important than you think.
  5. Possibly most important of all – wipe the slate clean!

Now, these could do with some context, so I’ll add to them and try to keep it short:

  1. Drink 2+ liters of water per day.
  2. Make sure to get enough protein, veggies, and smart carbs at each meal as it staves off cravings keeps you from eating shit.
  3. Speaks for itself. Discipline over motivation.
  4. Have a screen curfew at least 30 min before bed. Get to bed before 11pm. Get at least 7 hrs straight in a pitch black room.
  5. Wipe the slate clean mentality… Don’t beat yourself up for slip ups, just wipe the slate clean and get back to it. Consistency over perfection.

Hope that was of some value.


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