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Do This When You Lose Motivation

A lot of guys struggle with motivation on their fitness journey.

Getting started is easy, it’s keeping going that’s the problem.

So they’re always in a cycle of starting and stopping. Whether with just training or eating, or both.

Maybe you know the feeling?

If so, today we’re gonna get to the bottom of this.

Now, there’s often a few things you’re either doing or not doing that makes you feel demotivated.

And we’ll get to those in a second.

But first you need to understand (and accept) that even when you’re doing all the right things, motivation’s gonna come and go.

It’s just a feeling.

If you’re only gonna work on your goal when you feel like it, you’ll only show up 50% of the time.

So you need to get good at showing up regardless, no matter how small.

And I have some hacks to help you with that, too.

But let’s be clear that most people don’t have a motivation problem.

Most people have an energy problem.

And your energy drains when you deprive the following:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Hydration.
  3. Movement and exercise.
  4. Good nutrition.

When you don’t fill up those buckets …

When you’re eating whatever, staying up late, drinking booze or skipping exercise, you’re gonna feel shit.

Don’t be that guy who waits til he feels good to do good things.

It works the other way about.

So when you’re feeling crap and want to sack it off, use those steps to fix what needs fixed.

Now, like I say even when you’re nailing that stuff you’ll still feel a bit flat sometimes.

This is where we need to get tactical to help you stay consistent.

Try This During The Tough Times …

1 Set …

Do your usual workout but only do 1 hard set (instead of 2 or 3) of each exercise.

It lets you train all the usual muscles but slash your workout time in half.

So it’s easier to get done.

Commit to the warm up …

It’s usually getting going that’s hardest.

So make yourself a promise that you just need to do the warm up, and if you still don’t feel it afterwards, give yourself permission to try again tomorrow.

Usually you’ll be ready crush your workout, though.

Or just take a short break …

Sticking to a program gets the best results, but it can also be mentally tough.

Sometimes your brain just needs a little break and change of stimulus.

So swap a workout or two, or a week of workouts for some other type of exercise you enjoy.

Hike, run, cycle, swim, get outside, play a sport…

You get the idea.

Righto, that’s all she wrote for today.

Hope it helps.


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