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Attention: Busy Tired Dads

Give Me 60 Days & I'll Help You Gain More Energy, Strength & Lose Fat... Or Your Money Back!

I get it.

You're tired.

Tired trying to keep up with the dad-life, and you want to be an active, fitter leader for your family.

You want to step out the shower and see a body you're proud of in the mirror, that makes you feel good about yourself.

You're frustrated with following insanity, or workouts at home and getting below average results for all your hard work.

And you don't have a first clue where to start with eating right for your goal, and living a healthier, happier life.

"Many Dads fail to prioritise their health because they're low on energy and time. I help busy Dads eat better without dieting, strict food rules and make exercise second nature so they keep up with the dad-life, and look 'the business' at the swimming pools with the kids."

How I'll Help You Get in The Best Shape of Your Life...

I understand how hard it can be trying to keep up with both work and the dad-life, as well as work on your personal goals. Its both energy and time demanding. Sometimes, at the end of the day, there's just no will or motivation left for yourself.

I realised this is why diets, plans, crazy workout schedules and fast lifestyle overhauls don't last. Too much change, too quickly is a recipe for failure for busy Dads. Sadly, this is what a lot of plans in the fitness industry offer. 

This is why my approach of habit building with healthier eating and exercise helps you achieve real change, better health and a body transformation you'll go on to sustain for life.

I'm Dean McMenamin 


I'll help you...

  • Eat better without dieting, strict food rules, counting calories or feeling deprived.
  • Be the fit Dad and great role model for your kids.
  • Build exercise into your life without it taking over.
  • Look cool AF with your shirt off on family holidays and doing the garden work in summer.
  • Be a more attractive man for your wife
  • Make healthier eating become second nature to you.
  • Feel awesome in neat-fitted clothes and look great in family photos.

All of my coaching programs are delivered online, remotely. I've helped men who travel every week for work, men who work off-shore, and men who train at home to save time over training in a gym.

It doesn't matter what your schedule or situation is, I can help you eat better, train your body properly and make it all second nature, so you get the very best of your situation and sustain the results you achieve for life.

Here's what you get when you enrol:

Nutrition Coaching

  • A personalised nutrition guide showing you exactly what foods to eat, where to get them from and how to get your portion-sizes right for successful fat loss.
  • I'll help you eat better and feel healthier without dieting or strict food rules. So you'll lose fat, feel awesome and get in the shape of your life whilst keeping things really simple.
  • Daily step-by-step guidance: A simple lesson/habit issued every day, via email showing how to get enough protein, or more fruit and veggies etc (we implement one small thing at a time, so you can be consistent with it whilst managing work and family life).
  • Recipe book with 90 healthy, tasty, 'big boy' meals the whole family will enjoy... So whoever does the cooking at home has plenty of new ideas.


  • Professionally designed workouts that you'll love, waiting in your email inbox... Letting you know exactly what to do on a given day.
  • They're designed to force fat off your body whilst making you stronger, fitter and look more athletic with your top off.
  • Quality video demonstrations for every workout so you get it done properly and get stronger without getting injured (or looking silly in the gym).
  • Whether you'll be training in a fully equipped gym or at home with minimal equipment, I've got the right workouts for you.
  • I know life gets in the way... So there's also shorter workouts to help you stay consistent when this happens.

Support & Accountability

  • I'll keep you supported and accountable with weekly check ins and live video Q&As inside the members-only Facebook group.
  • Access to other like-minded men on the same journey as you inside the group to keep you motivated and further accountable.
  • Direct access to me whenever you need it. If you're ever feeling stuck or unmotivated... Just send me a message inside your online account and we'll get you past it.

I don’t ask or expect perfection from you, just that you give your best.

If you do that?

You'll see just how well this works, and how simple it is to get in the shape of your life and be healthy (no matter how busy you are).

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe you should be able to start your new journey with me as your coach with complete confidence…

If you commit to just 80% of this program and don't feel it's helped you lose fat, get fitter and stronger?

Let me know and I'll refund you every penny, no problem. The best thing about this?

You get all this coaching, support and guidance that's PROVEN to change lives for just £2.48 per day. That's around the price of a coffee from Costa.

The total one off cost for this 60-Day Lifestyle Transformation is £149.

How You Can Get Started...


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Grab My FREE Food Guide For Dads Who Want More Energy and a Leaner, Stronger Body

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to travel?

What's the diet plan like?

What are the workouts like and how does it work?

Do I need access to a gym?

What if I'm busy and struggle with making time for training?

Do I need to give up the booze?

How long do I need to sign up for?

How long do I need to sign up for?

Grab My FREE Food Guide For Dads Who Want More Energy and a Leaner, Stronger Body