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Attention: Unfit UK Dads

Finally Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life & Be The Fit Dad Who Leads By Example   

Losing fat and getting in shape is not easy. Ask any Dad.

When you're low on energy, juggling work, kids and everything else life throws at you it's too easy to quit on your personal goals.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Let me tell you about James...

"One day I stepped out the shower, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just thought wow, look at that. You can really see the changes." - James Blackshaw

James did what most men do after settling down and starting a family - He let himself go. 

He has a successful career and beautiful family, but wasn't making time for himself anymore, had a gut, was too tired for his kids after work, and felt ashamed when he looked in the mirror.

He wanted to be fitter for his 2 young boys, feel attractive for his wife, and confident in himself again.

Something Had To Change

He tried the ‘Insanity’ exercise program before, but never stuck to it long.

He tried cutting out bad foods and eating what he thought was healthy, but that never lasted long, either.

He lost weight before, but it was mostly muscle and didn't look or feel better for it. He felt stuck and often didn't see the point in trying.

No Gym or Diet Required

James doubted he could do this program as he travels for work, lives in hotels all week with no access to gyms, unable to prepare healthy foods, then weekends are dedicated to family.   

I'll be honest. The training and nutrition to help him achieve his transformation was simple.

You don't need a gym for this program (unless you want to).

The best way to lose fat and get an athletic looking body is with strength-building exercises, which can be done with minimum equipment, like we've proven with James. 

I helped him get stronger with simple workouts he loved in his hotel rooms, using body weight, a few resistance bands, and an ab-roller. 

You don't need to follow a strict diet or be a master-chef, either...  

I helped James eat better from restaurant menus and shops.  But we didn't go on a diet. Diets don't last.

We took a simple habit-building approach instead, improving one part of his eating at a time, until it became automatic and easy to sustain. 

Now James knows how to eat healthier anywhere... At home, on the road or from a menu. It comes natural to him without guesswork or willpower.

Pizza & Beer 

This isn't about deprivation or strict dieting. 

James enjoys the odd family pizza night and beer with his mates at weekends whilst living a fitter life.

He's the leanest, strongest and healthiest he's ever been (and he's in his late 30's). 

He's bouncing with energy, showing his kids how to be fit and healthy, hiking Scotland's Munro's, and feels extremely proud of his body. 

I'm going to help you do the same... 

Why I Help Dads

I trained soldiers for 2 years as an Army Physical Training Instructor before leaving to begin a career as a personal trainer.  

Being a Dad of 2 (or 4 if we count my dogs) and a business owner, I realised how tough it is to make time for yourself to eat better, exercise and achieve your personal goals. I noticed this was a common struggle amongst a lot of other Dads, too. 

Unfortunately most nutrition and fitness programs today aren't practical for men like us. They promote fast changes, take over your life and make things difficult for you.

I believe getting healthier and fitter should enhance your life, not make it harder.

I've dedicated my work to helping Dads get healthier, stronger and be a healthier role-model for their families. 

I'm Dean McMenamin 


I'm going to help you...

  • Eat better without dieting, strict food rules, counting calories or feeling deprived.
  • Be the fit Dad and great role model for your kids.
  • Build exercise into your life without it taking over.
  • Look cool AF with your shirt off on family holidays and doing the garden work in summer.
  • Be a more attractive man for your wife
  • Make healthier eating become second nature to you.
  • Feel awesome in neat-fitted clothes and look great in family photos.

"Never been in this kind of shape in my life. Been on holidays with my top off and noticed lassies checking me out. I feel better in general I am sleeping better and feeling leaner as time goes by. The best thing I have done this year was sign up and meet Dean." 

Jamie Woods. Dad of 2, vehicle mechanic from Paisley. 

"I'm generally slim built, but over the years, the "middle age spread" caught up with me & for the past 8 or 9 years I'd been trying unsuccessfully to get back in trim. 8 months on, I've lost 3.5 stone, gaining shape & feeling terrific in my appearance. Had to buy a new wardrobe along the way, but damn, I look great in that new clobber 😀 

- Stewart Douglas, Dad of 2, Engineer From Glasgow

"I had 3 months until my honeymoon to Jamaica and I didn't feel good about going, but Dean helped me make simple changes with my eating and by time we went on honeymoon I was feeling great. It's the first time I've ever walked along a beach shirtless ." 

- Marc Reid, Dad of 2, Vehicle Mechanic from Paisley. 

Here's Everything You Get With This Unstoppable Body-Transformation Program...

Support & Accountability

  • High Level Coaching: We'll have frequent 1-1 video-calls together to keep you right and making progress. 
  •  Team: Access to like-minded men on the same journey inside our members-only WhatsApp group - keeping you motivated. 
  • Access: To me whenever you need it. If you're ever feeling stuck or unmotivated... Send me a message and I'll get you back on track. 
  • Track Progress: Upload your body measurements every 2 weeks to your dashboard so your coach can see your progress (and help out when your progress halts).
  • Daily Accountability: Check off your workout and nutrition habit each day so your coach can see you're staying consistent and committed to your goals.  

Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalised: Custom nutrition guide showing you exactly what foods to eat, where to get them from and how to get your portion-sizes right.
  • Simplified: I'll help you eat better without dieting, calorie counting or strict food rules so you enjoy your food and sustain your results for life.
  • Daily guidance:  We practice one new nutrition habit at a time (get enough protein or fruit and veg, etc) so you can be consistent with changes whilst managing work and family life. 
  • Recipe book: 90 different delicious meals the whole family will love... So whoever does the cooking at home has plenty of healthy ideas to play with. 


  • Daily guidance: Professionally designed workouts that you'll love, in your email inbox... Letting you know exactly what to do on a given day.
  • Look & feel awesome: They're designed to force fat off your body whilst making you fitter, stronger and look more athletic with your top off.
  • Video Demos: For every exercise showing you how to master correct technique, without getting injured.
  • Do them anywhere: Whether you're training in a fully equipment gym or at home (or on the road) with minimal equipment, I've got the right workouts for you.
  •  Quick workouts: There's also shorter workouts to help you stay consistent when you're short on time.

Here's my promise to you...

I'm going to help you gain more energy and get in the best shape of your life with a PROVEN system of: 

  • Nutrition coaching that meets you where you're currently at and helps you make healthier eating automatic so you'll get in fantastic shape (and stay there forever).  
  • Building exercise into your life without it taking over, making you stronger and look the business at the swimming pools with the kids (or with your shirt off during summer).
  • Personal support & accountability from me to keep you right and making fast progress.
  • A 'gut busting' 100% money-back guarantee (tell you more about that in a second).

I don’t ask or expect perfection from you, just that you give your best. 

If you do that?You'll see just how well this works, and how simple it is to lose fat, become fit, strong and healthy (no matter how busy you are). 

If it doesn't help you do this? I'll send your money back no problem. 

"My energy levels are up, my stress levels are down and I'm feeling pretty awesome"

I am stronger than I have ever been. Clothes sit better on me and my confidence has been massively improved. And it all feels permanent. The day to day stuff is just that, doesn’t feel different anymore, just feels totally normal. I'm no longer ‘fat me’, I'm just me. A very different me from 10 months ago, and it feels good. Dean has helped me get in much better physical shape, but more importantly for me its really improved my mental health. My energy levels are up, my stress levels are down and I'm feeling pretty awesome most days. And I know that things will just get better.

KENNY SHARP  //  Off Shore Worker, Dad of 1 from Aberdeen. 

"More confident in my appearance and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with my wife and kids."

The element missing from the other training plans, was the personal element provided by Dean. A down to earth coach (not a glitzy celebrity), with real life experience of what its like to live, work and raise a family in Scotland that I found I could easily relate to. I now look and feel better... clothes that have not fitted me for months/years now do, I feel more confident in my appearance and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.For anyone considering taking the plunge with Dean, I’d highly recommend it. It does require commitment on your part, but the regular check-ins with Dean and the interaction with others on the programme help keep you on track when it’s easy to throw the towel in.

GARETH SMYTH  //  Business & Finance, Dad of 2, from Ireland.

"A better person, better husband, most important of all a better father"

Where to start, I’ve changed so much in the last 5 months, eat so much healthier now, lost lots of weight, gained lots of muscle, gained lots of confidence because of this, so overall a better person, a better husband, most important of all a better father .Life is a lot better, I know it’s only been 5 months and there is months in front of me, so I’m looking forward to achieving lots more - if I can achieve what I have in 5 months then I’m super buzzed to see what I’ll b like in a year. Can’t thank the man enough for his support and confidence in me to get me to where I am today".

MARK KERR  //  Group Financial Officer, Dad of 4 from Glenrothes, Fife. 

"The longest I have EVER managed to maintain an exercise streak. "

 Lost a chunk off the belly, built the leanest/strongest back, legs and arms I've ever owned and the strongest core I've had in almost 20 years. More importantly to me I've developed some serious healthy eating habits and kept up a regular exercise routine for 10 months now, the longest I have EVER managed to maintain an exercise streak. The effect on the family has been great are trying new foods and joining dad for workouts in the garage! I've taken up hiking, enjoying multiple hikes and trails (including a 26 mile in one day charity hike), completed 3 Munros and just returned from that 2 week epic snow boarding trip in Japan that started it all! I seriously wish I had done it 10 years ago. Dean, can't thank you enough mate. Cheers for everything.

ANDY MCADAM  //  Electrician, Dad of 2 from Harthill. 

"No more tired & grumpy Dad"

Quite quickly a Big win for me early on was my energy levels were through the roof… Happy Days (No more tired and grumpy Dad). Then the weight started to shift also which was fantastic. So just lately I had a big day on the bike down in the Borders (over 4000ft of climbs) and I was climbing they hills like I had an E- bike. Fitness has never been so good. I still have a way to go but cannot thank Dean enough to be honest always there if I have any questions always in contact.

CHRIS MCKELLICAN //  Small Engineering Business Owner, Dad of 4 from Dundee. 

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