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The Mirror That Sparked Martin’s Transformation

Sometimes life hands us a boot up the arse before we do something about our fitness.

It happened to Martine when he was travelling back to work offshore, he walked into an airport toilet, and the large mirrored wall stopped him in his tracks. 

“I got a bit of a shock to be honest. Kinda like when I opened a paper and saw a ‘Fat Maradona’ for the first time.”

(His words)

Martin’s a long term follower of my emails, and actually, got amazing results working with me in the past.

But lock-down got him.

He fell into the trap of no routine, eating and drinking too much.

And it had caught up with him.

But now was time to draw the line.

And he knew from last time working with me, the kind of support, holistic approach to building his health, and structured strength training got him in way better shape than anything else he’d ever did…

Before we met, he had bursts of hitting the gym on his own over the years when he was younger and his metabolism was great.

Doing tons of cardio on the rowing and running machines helped him slim down, but he never did achieve that defined look he was after. 

That didn’t work as well anymore, in his forties.

In fact, he remembers well the shape he got, with undeniable muscle definition, in just half the time spent working out using my program vs all the cardio he used to do.

So it was a no brainer for him to get back in touch, and in just 1 month, he was:

● No longer ashamed at his reflection.

● Fitting back into his smaller jeans and t-shirts.

● Feeling fitter, stronger, and motivated for more.

Here’s how his progress is looking:

AND he didn’t have to cut back on food, do a weird diet, or eliminate beer completely.

In fact, he works off-shore on 4 week rotations, and lets the hair down more when home with his family.

But in general, rather than spending an hour on a cardio machine most days, here’s what I have him doing:

  • 3 full body strength workouts per week.
  • Gaining strength with the fundamental movements: pull, push, squat, hip hinges and carry’s.
  • Any steady state cardio of his choice, whenever he can make time.
  • Eating more protein, veggies n’ fruits, and single ingredient whole foods.

About the Author Dean McMenamin

Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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