From Unfit and Lethargic to Summiting Kilimanjaro - Dean McMenamin

From Unfit and Lethargic to Summiting Kilimanjaro

Before I met James, he was up and down with his weight for years. 

Doing different fitness programs, which helped him lose weight, but he lost too much muscle, felt lethargic, low energy, so always went back to eating rubbish because he felt rubbish, and piled the weight back on

>He was p1ssed off having to buy over-sized clothes. 

>Felt guilty about his kids missing out on adventures because his energy was crap. 

>And fed up breaking promises to himself of hiking his first Munro, because he didn’t feel fit enough. 

Maybe you know the feeling? 

He’d been following my emails as he’s a friend of my missus, decided to reach out (only took him 8 months) and signed up to the program. 

Quite early in the process, he realised this wasn’t one of the usual fitness industry programs where he had to overhaul his life in week one, along with multiple brutal HIIT sessions/week.

The slow introduction of new habits with Micro Actions each day, along with a simple strength building process, was something he could actually see himself sticking to. 

And now? 

Well, you may have saw his physical transformation on my pages before: 

But the bigger impact?

>> He’s on no.27 of 282 Munros. 

>> His son’s join in some of his home workouts, show interest in the foods he eats, he’s being a healthier role model.

>> Summitted the world’s highest free standing mountain, Kilimanjaro, last year:

>> and he’s now training for Mt Toubkal in Morocco for 2024.

James and I have become good mates, and he’s key player in our team of guys in the program, and circle of committed mountain hikers:

Quite the life upgrade, don’t you think?

James is a great example of what’s possible, no matter where you’re starting point is right now.

You can achieve BIG things with the right strategy, focus, and people in your corner. 

If you’re looking to get fitter, stronger, feel great, and look as good as you feel?

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