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Being Normal Vs The Weirdo

Just back on Sunday from a mates stag in Palma.

I stayed sober for most of it, whilst some of the guys barely slept for 2 days.

You may think that’s weird (or not). And if so, you’d be right. But I wasn’t always a weirdo.

In fact, back in my Army days I’d start on Friday and still be pissed Monday morning, ready for a 5 miler with my platoon.


I also used to eat whatever I wanted, because.. “I do so much fitness, I should be able to eat what I want”.

But I also used to be snappy and moody around my kids. Skinny fat. Frustrated with the body in the mirror. Struggled with mental health. And unproductive in business.

Since drinking less and less, I’ve gotten more out of life…

  • I earn more money (and waste less). 
  • Do more with family on weekends.
  • Make better food choices because I don’t feel like shit.
  • Have more confidence in only my shorts at the beach.
  • Spend more time outdoors – hiking, wild swimming, having more fun.

Leading up to John’s stag, I planned to stay sober all weekend, on diet cokes the first night, then do some exploring whilst the guys were dying the next day.

That wasn’t so easy.

I ended up drinking with them the Friday night, and had a great time. Although, they’d been drinking from 07:30 Friday morning in the airport. I didn’t start until around 23:00, and drank as much water as I did G&T’s.

But I stuck to the rest of my solo plan for Saturday (whilst the guys kept drinking) – explored , swam in the sea, walked the beach, ate healthy meals, ice-cream and coffee, despite a little (friendly) criticism.

And I had a much better time.

One of the guys actually said they wished they had the will-power to do that, too. 

Whilst 2 of the guys don’t remember anything of the whole weekend. Each to their own, but in my books… That’s a waste of time and money.

So how can this help you get in shape?

Well, if you’re serious about looking better naked or living a fitter life… 

You have to become the weirdo.

Most of your friends probably don’t have the results (or mentality) you want. If they did you’d have better yourself, because behaviors and values are contagious.

Over 60% of the UK and Ireland’s adult population are overweight or obese.

It’s normal to live an unhealthy life.

Most guys stay stuck in a body they hate because they’re surrounded by average behaviors and standards. 

So if you want different, you have to pick which side of the fence you’re going to play on. 

I’m not saying ditch your friends, because I’ll never do that.

But in my experience, you absorb the values and standards of people you spend the most time with. 

So, 2 take-home’s for you ….

1 – If you’re never getting criticism for behaving ‘differently’, you’re not trying hard enough. 

And …

2 – You need to actively seek out, and spend more time around people further ahead than you on the path you want to walk.

Whether that’s hiring a mentor, joining a coaching group, or connecting with people already doing the things and reaping the results you want. 

Or all of the above. 

What To Do Next?

If you’re a man over 35 and serious about living a healthier life, being a fitter role model, and getting in shape?

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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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