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I’ve Experienced The Overweight World & I Don’t Like It

“I’m reaching an age where I see a fork in the road. I want to choose the correct one and see my kids grow old. I’m also starting to feel it when snowboarding. I’ve experienced the overweight world now and I don’t like it! I was never overweight growing up or in my twenties but have slowly put it on. Gets tiring it being the first thing people mention when you haven’t seen them in a while! I want to get healthy again and make the right decisions naturally.”

^^ 12 Months Ago

To say I’m proud of Andy would be an understatement.

This man has become an inspiration within our tribe and he’s truly earned it.

I remember the first time we spoke on a call, he wanted to be fit and healthy again to keep up snow-boarding and live longer to see his kids grow old.

He’d never been overweight in his early years, but after settling down and having kids he got less active and the weight slowly crept up.

He told me from the start he wasn’t interested in overhauling everything or doing a strict diet. he’s a lads lad and enjoys a beer with the guys.

That’s cool. I told him we don’t have those kinds of rules. This is your journey, I’m here to help you improve from where you’re at right now and achieve what’s important to you.

And we’ve honestly not had to cut out anything to get him to this stage.

Which is a point where he eats the right foods, in the right amounts every day, on autopilot.

It’s now just something he does without thought or will-power.

Training Should Make You Feel Good

Same for his training. We built exercise into his life without it taking over.

He’s never stuck to training so long because…

#1 He really enjoys it.

#2 He doesn’t see himself being on ‘a plan’. It’s just part of who he is.

BONUS: His kids often join him in the garage gym for a workout, too.

It’s not the type of training that leaves you in a pool of sweat on the floor, feeling destroyed, and eventually burns you out.

It’s the type that makes you stronger, combats stress, boosts your metabolism, and leaves you feeling great after a workout.

Now he’s not all the way there to where he wants to be just yet.

But he’s now equipped with the right mindset, habits, routines, and energy to reach that point in the near future.

The only challenging part for him was some lads weekends on the beer, which is fine.

I mean, we gotta live a little, right?

And the way I see it, it’s not about how fast we get to the goal, but how long we can stay there.

1% better, as we say.

Anyway, the cool thing is he’s now a completely improved man from 12 months ago.

A better Dad and role model, a better husband, and most importantly he feels better about himself.

He’s got back into hiking, took a snowboarding trip to Japan for his 40th, and being more adventurous again.

Here’s What He Said Recently

“Dean’s a local lad who has ‘been there’ and genuinely cares, makes you feel right at ease from the get-go and the program starts at a very comfortable pace to ease you in. The course then progresses to educate you and let you develop in many areas of health, exercise, and nutrition.

The insider group is ace too. A bunch of decent guys at different stages on the program facing/conquered similar struggles with lots of tips and info to help you onward.

I was never looking for a 12-week’ fat to fab’ program. I was looking for something more permanent and over time with the program developed a mindset change and acquired a set of healthy habits I shall hopefully carry for life whilst still striving for continual improvement. Never one for tracking figures (and with the program I haven’t had to count a single calorie) but I have currently lost around 1.5 st in body weight, have lost a chunk off the belly, built the leanest/strongest back, legs and arms I’ve ever owned and the strongest core I’ve had in almost 20 years.,More importantly to me, I’ve developed some serious healthy eating habits and kept up a regular exercise routine for 10 months now, the longest I have EVER managed to maintain an exercise streak.

The effect on the family has been great too…kids are trying new foods and joining dad for workouts in the garage!I’ve taken up hiking, enjoying multiple hikes and trails (including a 26 mile in one-day charity hike), completed 3 Munros and just returned from that 2-week epic snowboarding trip in Japan that started it all! I seriously wish I had done it 10 years ago.Dean, can’t thank you enough mate. Cheers for everything. 👍”

Because he started investing in his health.

We get one life.

What’s more important than living your ideal story?

I interviewed Andy on his journey recently, if you’re interesting in checking it out, here’s the video

– Dean

PS – Need some help with your own transformation journey?

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