Age 43, A New Found Energy For Life & A Physical Transformation - How Simon Got In Shape... - Dean McMenamin

Age 43, A New Found Energy For Life & A Physical Transformation – How Simon Got In Shape…

Ever look in the mirror and wonder ‘how the f*ck’ did this happen? That’s often something a lot of the men who come to work with me experience.

All too often guys who were fit, did lots of sports or active stuff when younger get less active after settling down and starting a family. Nothing changes overnight. But over the years it sneaks up and all of a sudden you don’t have the energy you used to, and those physical hobbies are harder to keep up with. So are the kids.

So you come to a cross road of which one way takes you further down the slippery slope you’re on, and the other changes everything for the better. Simon took the road less travelled and his life has changed a lot for that decision. Without any further a due, here’s a deep dive into his journey so far…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Age 43, Refrigeration engineer based nr Halifax in West Yorkshire. I used to play football for years but don’t so much any more. I enjoy off enduro motorcycling ( more watching it but I do get out a few times a year) and running at the moment.

What happened that made you know you needed to make changes? 

I was feeling lethargic quite often, didn’t like what I looked at in the mirror. Felt uncomfortable in my clothes but in particular when I started a new job and ordered new work pants I went for a waist size that’s always been loose and comfortable, when I got them I found these to be really tight and could only just get them on.

What were you goals when you first started?

Lose some inches of my waist to feel more comfortable in my clothes. Get back down to clothes sizes I haven’t fitted in for a while. Have a more toned look. Gain some strength and fitness for when I’m motorbiking and running.

What physical results have you achieved?

I have lost some considerable weight and I’m now at a comfortable weight that I seem to be able to maintain. I’ve noticed some big gains in strength and found I was less fatigued on the last motorbike trip I went on. Looking at the progress photos I can see some definition and muscles coming through.

Nice work, you can see it in your photos. You’re looking great. What are the bigger impacts this has had on your life? 

Fitness and strength has helped with both my hobbies and work life, I do a lot of miles on the road for work and to feel comfortable when driving for long periods has been massive. I find my self not as tired most evenings now which helps me crack on and do my workouts.

So what are you feeling most proud of?

The weight loss and keeping it down has been a massive plus for me.

What was your biggest challenge through this process and how did you overcome it? 

There was a few occasions when I’d hit a slump, wasn’t following my habits or workouts. One lasted around 3/4 weeks (over the festive period I think) It was a challenge to not give up and get back into it. I managed to reset and carry on on both occasions.

Good effort, Simon. Physical transformation is always about being consistent rather than perfect. You’re doing good work. So how would you describe your experience with on the coaching program? 

Excellent. Dean’s always there to answer any questions but isn’t too pushy either. The zoom calls are always good to keep on track and he will usually have some tit bits of info that he’s researched and shares out which is really useful. The workout programmes he does are changed up often and varied and don’t really become boring which is good .

What advice would you give to other men just starting out? 

Trust the process, stick at it as there will be times when you’re not sure if it’s for you or you just feel like giving up. I found that after I’d had a few bad weeks and I’d put weight on I thought ‘I’m in a far better position than I was this time last year’ I then managed to reset and crack on.


Huge well done to Simon for all the efforts so far. You’re setting the standards and being a positive example for your family and all the guys in our Inner Circle.

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