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What The Circus Taught Me About Getting Fit

Had a family night out to the Circus on Friday.

Me, Leanne, Kensey, my mum and sister, Megan.

All last week I was bigging it up to Kensey.

Telling him to look forward to seeing some legit world class athletes here.

He’s just recently achieved his first pull up and getting more into training, so this got him intrigued.

Sure enough, the first act was 3 insanely acrobatic dudes singing around on ropes from the roof of the tent.

One of them was clinging onto his swing in an upside down hamstring curl-like hold, catching his partners in mid-air with his hands after they leapt from their swing.

(I’m sure there’s a circus-technical name for these swings. But we’ll roll with ‘swings’ for now).

What’s more impressive is he looked easily in his forties.

Now I had a good idea of the effort behind this insane feat of physical ability.

This guy probably started training before he came out his dad’s bag.

But I’m always curious.

So the other day I googled the words:

“circus gymnastics training program”

I didn’t see any example articles come up.

But I did see a big list of organisations offering coaching courses and trainings.

I didn’t look at them all, but the one’s I looked at were aimed at very young kids.

Which tells me a lot about the time and devotion required to get to ‘show standards’ later in life.

Which brings me onto the point of today’s email…

If you want better than average results for your body?

(and I don’t mean freakish ability or even looking extremely ripped).

But if you want to actually look like a guy who looks after himself?

Even if it’s just feel good in shorts and t-shirt in summer …

Following a program – and giving your best – will absolutely help you get there.

It doesn’t need to take over your life.

Or take you a lifetime to get there.

But us mere mortal men CAN get above average results by applying similar principles of the physical elite.

By simply following a program designed to get you the outcomes you’re after.

>> One of the most common problems I see amongst men trying to lose the belly and build their upper body is simply doing aimless workouts << 

A bit of running here…

A bit of weight training there…

A little Joe Wicks to get the sweat on and heart rate amped up…

It’s not always lack of effort.

It’s lack of direction and consistency with their effort.

If you’ve never followed and stuck with a well designed program for up to 3-6 months at least?

Just watch what happens to your body when you DO.

And listen, if you’re anything like me and most of the guys I coach, who only have maybe 3-4 hours a week to exercise because of business, work, kids, dogs, life …

This is no disadvantage.

Apply the right principles of …

Follow a program.

Get stronger over time.

Be consistent (not perfect).

And you’ll enjoy some serious gains most lads never do.

I’ll leave you with that today.

Have a good one.

– Dean

PS – Are you following any kind of program already?

Hit reply below and let me know what working on.

I love talking fitness and training, so always interested to hear what other people are doing.

Or, if any of what I said about aimless workouts feels relevant?

Hit me a reply and let me know if you’ve been guilty of that too.

(We all have at some point).

PPS – If you don’t where to start or what program to follow? You can get one form me entirely free inside my busy dad’s body transformation package.

It’s designed to help guys with limited time to train shift the spare tyre, gain strength and look more athletic.

Pop your email address into any of the opt in boxes on this site and you’ll get your free downloads.

You can also fire me over any questions you have on it as you work through it.

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