How I'm Helping Busy Dads Eat Better, Feel Healthier & Transform Their Bodies.  

Scotland Nutrition Coach, Dean McMenamin is Giving Away a FREE Body Transformation Package For Busy Dads Who Want To Lose Fat, Get Fit  & Be a Healthier Role Model For Their Family. 

From: Dean McMenamin. Father, Army veteran, Dads Body Transformation Coach.

  • Eat better and lose more fat for the time you spend working out.
  • A simple portion-control guide you already have with you everywhere you go (you're gonna love this). 
  • 4 foods to put on your plate to raise your energy in the next few days and be a super-hero Dad for your kids.
  • No dieting, strict food rules or calorie counting... Just simple time-saving steps for simple men like me.
  • Cut through all the confusing diet advice you see online once and for all.
  • Take the guesswork out of exercise with this  step-by-step program proven to help busy dads shift the dad-bod and get in athletic shape from home with minimal equipment - complete with video demos for every exercise helping you dominate your form and get great results without unnecessary injuries.
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