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Ready To Lose The 'Dad Bod' & Finally Be The Fit Dad Who Sets Shining Examples?

Here's What You Get When You Enrol In Fit & Strong For Life Coaching Today...

  • You'll get 1-1 coaching calls with me via Whats App video or Skype every week where we'll work together on overcoming your personal obstacles with mind set, nutrition, and workouts to accelerate your fat loss and strength building over the 12 weeks
  • You'll leave each call being crystal clear on the one simple thing you need to work on for that week that'll take you another step closer to being leaner and stronger
  • Personal levels of accountability and contact from me to make sure that you actually do what you say you will (and in turn, get real transformational results)
  • I'll create you a personalised food guide that shows you exactly what to eat and how much of it for your specific goals without having to weigh and measure all your food, count calories or do silly any unsustainable practices
  • I'm gonna give you a simple to follow shopping list & food prep guide to take all the confusion and stress away from getting in healthy food (When you're at home, of course)
  • I'll coach you through creating healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits to help you lose the gut, get lean (and stay that way) that you can implement anywhere in the world you go, in any situation, regardless of what foods are available to you
  • You'll get a workout plan designed specifically to suit you and your needs so that we get you in shape and keep you improving regardless to whether you're at home or travelling
  • Unlimited access to me via Whats App or text so that you never get stuck in between our weekly calls
  • Daily nutrition and mindset lessons that come straight to your email inbox every day that will keep you focused, in the zone and accountable to your goal
  • And much, much more...

The total investment for the 28-day-jump-start is £149

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