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How To Win At Life

It’s all good setting goals and New Year resolutions

but it’s hard to win at life when you’re not keeping score

it’s too easy to focus on everything you don’t have, haven’t done or seen

and that’s a mindset that’ll keep you from ever being truly happy

so, before you go setting some new goals

don’t forget to reflect, identify and celebrate everything you’ve already done

in no particular order, here’s my list of ‘wins’ for 2018

1) became a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach

2) Overcame a lifelong fear and did a Bungee jump (thanks to Peter & Paul from PK fitness & Steven McSharry for joining me)

3) seen Gerry Cinnamon & Liam Gallacher live at Transmit festival

4) Took my coaching business online and now coach a bunch of men in different parts of the country in achieving their health and body goals

5) Went camping with Leanne and Levi to Aviemore and watched some Ospreys nesting at Loch Garten

6) We had a second camping trip to Oban in the summer. Done boat trips, walked in the woods, stared at the stars and cooked sausages for breakfast every day

7) Finally reunited with my kids, Kensey & Holly. We’re having a blast <3

8) Hiked Ben Lomond in the snow on a sunny, crystal clear day and seen some of the most beautiful sights in the world from the top (never gets old)

9) 8th year running we created the best Bonfire night for our Pollok & Community community with around 2000 people joining us for a great time (can’t wait to better it again next year).

10) Road trip down to Doncaster for the IHS reptile show

11) Competed at the indoor Scottish Rowing Championships (and threw up afterward)

12) Dusted off my camera and got back into photography again

13) Visited Lanzarote for the first time. Had a BBQ with old friends and made some awesome new ones

14) Photographed wild ponies at Traprain Law, Haddington

15) Got out Go-karting with a bunch of the guys I coach

to be totally honest, I didn’t realise how much of an awesome time I had until I wrote these down

Huge thanks to everyone in my life who made the memories

Here’s to an awesome 2019


PS – Got some big wins to share?

I’d LOVE to hear about them

Leave yours in the comments below

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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and online nutrition & exercise coach helping busy men transform their bodies, regain self-confidence and be healthier role models for their kids. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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