How To Lose Fat & Look Awesome at 40 With Stuart Dearden - Dean McMenamin

How To Lose Fat & Look Awesome at 40 With Stuart Dearden

Are you busy family guy over 30 who wants to feel and look better? Do yourself a great service and listen to this interview with Stuart and I as we discuss…

  • How he went from yo-yoing weight his whole life, not fitting in his clothes, and hating what he saw in the mirror… to bouncing with energy, looking great naked and getting more done.
  • The specific kinds of workouts he used to shift the dad-bod, tone up, and look like a guy who looks after himself (not a HIIT workout in sight).
  • What a typical day of eating looks like (back then Vs now). 
  • How he makes time for workouts as a busy family man. 
  • Simple and time-saving meal prep tips to keep you on track with food. 
  • How he handles periods of low motivation and life getting in the way. 

I know you’ll get a LOT of value from this. 

Hit play below and listen/watch it here:

About the Author Dean McMenamin

Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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