How James Lost 16.4kg & 48.7cm of flab, Transformed His Energy, & Went From 0-13 Pull-Ups - Dean McMenamin

How James Lost 16.4kg & 48.7cm of flab, Transformed His Energy, & Went From 0-13 Pull-Ups

Before James reached out to me he was feeling stuck.

He told me…

“I had a pair of man boobs. My energy was low and I usually needed a sleep after work. I didn’t want to keep on buying the bigger sized clothes. So something had to change”.

He wanted to be a fitter dad.

But he didn’t enjoy working out much because he didn’t know what he was doing.

And he had 2 concerns about working me on the Rebirth program:

1 – Paying money for a program.

He’d never invested in coaching before, so didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Why pay money when all you need to do is move more and eat less, right?

But that advice wasn’t working for him.

He already started running every week and cutting back on junk food.

And was still tired, and not seeing changes in the mirror. 

2 – “Will I be able to stick to it?”

Having never worked with coach on a program, he had self doubts.

Would he be able to make time for it?

He’s a dad of two and Tug-master who often works away on boats.

Time is precious.

And would he be able to stay motivated to stay committed long enough?

Despite the doubts, he bit the bullet.

He was nervous, but he also wasn’t happy staying the same, either.

So what’s to lose?

“I used to do different things with my time. But I’d much rather be doing what I’m doing now”

> 16.4kgs DOWN

> 48.7cm’s DOWN

> Daily Energy UP to be superhero dad after work.

> Strength through the roof (went from 0 to 13 pull-ups).

> Flung out the baggy clothes and invested in a new wardrobe.

> Time on program: 12 months.

More importantly, he’s happier.

And, he really enjoys training now.

So much that’s he’s built up his own garage gym.

He’s in there lifting weights and making himself stronger 3 times per week

Last week he told me:

“Looking back at where I started, signing up has been a no-brainer, really. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at now if I didn’t. Obviously, I used to do other stuff with that time. But it wasn’t as important, and I’d never go back to that now. I’d hate feel that way again. I’d rather be doing what I’m doing now”

Listen to my short conversation with James on the video interview below about his journey…

Nothing Say’s ‘I’m Strong AF’ Like Adding The 16kg Weight You’ve Lost Onto Your Pull-Ups For Reps

After achieving 13 pull-ups from the starting number of zero, James wondered if his pull-up ability was a product of the weight lost or strength gained…

Could he still do a pull-up if he strapped the 16.4kg on a belt, taking the total weight to pull back to his starting weight?

He did 3 💪

What To Do Next…

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