EBT Thank You - Dean MC Menamin

Congratulations on taking a huge step towards better health and transforming how you look and feel. 

Before you dive in, do me a quick favour and watch the video on this page. There's some super important information on it, and video views make me feel good so there's that too. 

Once you've done that, go check your email inbox for your email from me (Dean McMenamin) and be sure to set my email address as a contact so you don't miss any important emails. 

"One day I stepped out the shower, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just thought wow, look at that. You can really see the changes."

- James Blackshaw, Dad of 2 from Paisley 

"Been with Dean coming on 4 months. Absolutely love it never been in this kind of shape in my life. Been on holidays with my top off and noticed lassies checking me out. I am sleeping better and feeling leaner as time goes by. The best thing I have done this year was join up and meet Dean"

Jamie Woods - Dad of 2, from Bridge of Weir, Scotland. 

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