Gain More Energy for the Dad-Life & Feel Awesome About Your Body

My Simple Nutrition Guide for Busy Dads Shows You How to Lose Weight, Feel & Look Fantastic Without Dieting or Strict Food Rules. See How My Best Clients Have Simplified Their Diet & Transformed Their Bodies. 

From: Dean McMenamin. Father, Army veteran, Dads Body Transformation Coach.

  • 4 foods to put on your plate to raise your energy in the next few days and be a super-hero Dad for your kids
  • Lose fat without losing muscle so you look (and feel) the business at the swimming pools with the kids.
  • How to lose weight without the time consumption of counting calories or weighing all your food.
  • A simple portion control guide you already have with you everywhere you go (you're going to love this!)
  • Cut through all the confusing diet advice you see online once and for all.
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