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Do This To Lose More Fat (Without Doing More Exercise)

I’ve got a challenge for you

If you’re interested in losing fat (and staying lean) it’ll help a lot

I challenged my clients with the same thing recently and it was a big eye-opener for a few of them…

“zero calorie drinks” for 7 days

The reason?

Most people don’t realize how many unnecessary and unessential calories they consume each week through liquids.

By drinking smarter, you’ll find it so much easier to lose more fat and keep it off without extra workouts putting more demands on your already jam-packed schedule and no crazy dieting making you feel deprived.

Lemme explain…

Let’s say, for talking sake, you take sugar in your tea or coffee. One sugar maybe twice a day.

No biggie, I’d agree, after all, there’s only 16 calories in a teaspoon of sugar.

But then, if we multiply that over a month (28 days)… That’s 896 calories.

In a year?

That’s 11,680

^^ Now we’re talking BIG numbers mate.

Considering every 1 pound of body fat contains roughly 3500 calories, what could this potentially mean for you?

3 lbs LESS body fat every year!

I know it doesn’t sound like a whole lot for a year, but all the unwanted body fat you’re carrying right now is part of a gradual gain over a long period of time – not the result of just a few crazy weekends. It all adds up – So sweat the small stuff.

If you only have a little stubborn body fat to get rid of, that 3lbs (and those little hard-to-kick bad habits) can be the difference between getting that beach-worthy body, or not.

If you have a lot more to lose? Then every little helps too…

Even still, 1-2 teaspoons of sugar at the daily rate, it’s not much to worry about, right?

But let’s also consider…

  • maybe you like a beer at the weekends too?
  • maybe you drink some juice on the regular?
  • maybe you order a caramel latte or one of these other fancy coffees from Costa or Starbucks rather than just having a coffee?
  • maybe you drink some energy drinks from time to time?
  • maybe you drink a few glasses of milk a week?

(I used to do pretty much all of it)

These are just a few habits a lot of my clients realized were holding them back in getting to a healthier bodyfat level and feeling better about how they look.

Add all these little things up and you’ll see it’s no wonder shifting the timber is a struggle (especially when you consider all the actual foods you might be overeating, too).

Those unessential calories bring zero nourishment to your body whatsoever and can easily climb up to hundreds of thousands each year.

It’s easy to do all this subconsciously when habit for so long that we don’t even register these things, we only see the small problem without thinking of the bigger picture.

One of my coachings clients, Bryce, dropped 2 jean sizes recently, his strength levels are going through the roof and he’s the leanest he’s ever been.

He’s looking and feeling great

Guess what?

He drinks nothing but black coffee and water, with the odd beer from time to time (cus beers are awesome).

So, here’s my challenge to you, amigo…

Take out all the unessential liquid calories out your diet for seven days to see how you get on.

If you wanna get to (and keep) healthy body fat levels?

So you hit the pools with your kids feeling good about how you look?

It’s the way ahead

Don’t get it twisted…

I’m not saying you should start living like a monk and never allow the taste of another sweet fluid to pass your lips (I love me a nice cold can of Iron-Bru from time to time).

It’s when all these things are your norm, or habit, as we like to call it… It’s usually causing problems.

You don’t need to drink your tea or coffee black, either. Just take out all the ‘big ones’…

Excess milk, sugar, juice, alcohol.

Try it for the 7 days (or 30) initially and see what happens.

You don’t need to cut the booze out entirely either, but a less alcohol can only lead to good things.

Gonna try it?

let me know how you get on…


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