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You missed out!

Be Proud Of What You See In The Mirror.

Be Ready For Anything.

Be The Role Model Your Kids Deserve.  

(Without Dieting or Turning Into A Gym Poser)

Have you noticed it seems that men who are out of shape, are happy to laugh at or mock guys who actually want to do something about it?

But here's the secret, most if not all of those men aren't actually happy with what they see in the mirror, but trying to discourage people with the motivation and dedication to reach their goals is much easier than actually getting up off their arses and doing it themselves.

I'm Dean, I'll introduce myself properly in a little while, but first...

I want you to imagine how you would feel if, in just 12 weeks from now, you could finally be free from worrying what people think of your body when you take the kids swimming, how you look on a night out, or on the 'dad race' at school sports day. 

Imagine you're fit enough to take on any adventure life puts in front of you, and know for sure, as a dad that you're setting healthier examples. 

There's always one or two fit looking dads at the beach with his kids in summer, 'that guy' who's never shy to step up for the 'dad race' at school every year, who's an ultimate fit role model for his kids.

Imagine you are that guy.

How would that life look? What would you do with a fitter, better looking body? Who would you do it with? What clothes could you wear? What adventures would you go on?

Maybe it’s a nice thought experiment, or, maybe you feel sad because it seems like it’s out of reach?

Like a distant dream you can’t quite conceive as real.

But, what if I told you that you didn’t have to just imagine it anymore?

What if I told you that all those things (and more) are realistic for you? And, are actually much closer than you think…

You see, I speak to so many men who tell me the same things:

  • They hate seeing a glimpse of their body in mirrors.

  • They feel ashamed of their body when they see themselves in family photos. 

  • They don’t believe they can look or feel as good, or better than they did in their twenties.

  • They think their wive's are no longer attracted to them. 

  • They worry it's 'all downhill' after a certain age. 

But they know if they don't make a change now, it may never happen. 

They just can't seem to shift the belly fat and get the body they want, no matter what they do. 

Take my friend, Stuart, for example...

"Last September I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how did that happen??

Before we met, he was triggered into losing weight after looking in the mirror at his body one day wondering how he'd let himself go so much. 

He used to love playing for his local men's hockey team, but now he was way too unfit to get back into that, as he didn't want to show himself up in front of his old teammates. 

He really wanted to get in shape so his young son wasn't stuck with a fat and unfit dad who was too tired or old before his time to go on adventures. 

So although he lost some weight before we met, he also wanted to look and feel like a guy who takes care of himself, be physically fit and able to take on any new challenge or adventure. And he was struggling to see those results. 

Maybe you know the feeling?

So he knew if was going to have this kind of body in his forties, he had to start taking it more seriously before it was far too late. This is when he reached out to me. 

Within just a few weeks on the program, his life looked a lot different.

He saw visible changes in the mirror. His t-shirts were fitting better. He had more energy to crush it at work, run around with his son, step kids, and he was loving his home workouts.  

He felt re-energised and motivated for more... 

He could see how the incremental changes I coached him through were building his health, fitness, and more importantly... Creating new habits for life, rather than a fad that never lasts.

Today, Stuart no longer worries about his fitness holding him back from the life he wants to live.

Because the holistic bespoke approach we took to his transformation have made his changes stick, and become second nature. 

And combined with my progressive strength building workouts, he's now completely transformed his body image, and physical ability..

He got back into his old Hockey team, and ran rings around his teammates (who were all sporting the dad-bods)...

He completed the UK Cost-To-Coast walking challenge over 5 days with his mate. 

He's become the ultimate fit role model for his son, and his step son has been getting coaching from him in the gym. 

And he also came up to Scotland to join me on one of my fitness retreats, where he done himself proud over a full weekend of Kettlebell training, hiking, wild swimming, paddle-boarding, and hanging out with me and the other guys at the BBQ. 

Where there was disappointment in his reflection, there's now pride in what's looking back.

Where there was worry about missing out on things he loves to do, there's now confidence to take on new challenges, and satisfaction in the examples he sets for his family...

"Last September I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how did that happen?? I'd always been conscious of my body even in my teens. My weight had fluctuated up and down a number of times throughout my life. I started out on my own from September and had success but new I needed something different to sustain my progress.

I contacted Dean and  I haven't looked back, the transformation in my health, my energy, my body shape is something I didn't believe would happen again for me.

Dean's approach for me is perfect. It's about building good habits to replace the bad ones that we slip into. It's not about shredding in a few weeks, 1% better today than yesterday is improvement right?

It's about building gradually, so that what you learn (which is a lot by the way!) becomes the norm in your everyday life and also helps you make informed decisions around nutrition and sleep that benefit your family too."

The group approach is also great - as your accountable not just to yourself but the other lads in the programme. Also they may try things that you wouldn't think of that help you along the way too. Throw in a bit of banter to the mix as well.

So if your thinking about reaching out to Dean, stop putting it off and get it done today."

And today, I want to share how you can do exactly the same.


The DM Inner Circle Program 

Nutrition and exercise coaching with Dean McMenamin as your coach, proven to help hundreds of busy dads over 35 shred the fat, get fitter and stronger for life.

DISCLAIMER: The program comes with multiple side affects: 

  • Feel pride at what you see in the mirror.

  • Be on your way to becoming the 'DILF'. 

  • Feel physically stronger and ready to take on new challenges. 

  • Fit back into smaller waist jeans and look cool AF in your t-shirts. 

  • Have more energy to crush it at work, be super hero dad, and achieve your personal goals.

  • Have the knowledge and skills you need to live a fitter, stronger life. 

  • Get more action between the sheets. 

All this, and more you can accomplish when you follow my unique Micro Actions system, backed with short (but brutally effective) strength workouts in my Inner Circle program. 

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

Too Good To Be True?

I know that right now you might be thinking “Dean, this sounds too good to be true…”

And I certainly wouldn’t blame you for being a bit sceptical. I have made some pretty wild claims.

But, I also know that if you’ve landed on this page and read this far down, that you’re sick of seeing a body you hate in the mirror, and ready for life in a body other men wish they had (and their woman are more attracted to). 

However, it's hard to know who to trust on the internet. Sadly, there are a few shady people out there that would exploit you with false promises and the like.

It makes me angry to see that. So over the last 10 years, I’ve made it my mission to be as open and honest as I can with people.

That’s why the Inner Circle comes with a full money back guarantee.

That’s right, if you sign up and do at least 80% of the program over the next 12 weeks but do NOT see results? (Lost belly fat, increased strength, fitness, and energy) Then I will have failed. And I will give you your money straight back. No questions asked.

But honestly?

I know for certain just how life changing this program is for the right people. So when you sign up, I doubt you’ll ask for your money back, I expect you'll be joining these inspirational dads below…

"One day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror stepping out the shower and just though wow! Look at that. You can really see the changes"

James Blackshaw - Train Engineer, husband & Dad of two, from Paisley, Scotland.

Gerry Whyte, Age 40, Father of 2, From Ayrshire, Scotland

 "Just as the first COVID lockdown hit...no footy...no sports...weight already 88kg and rising. I hate gyms and don't have the discipline to manage diets. I knew i had to try something or i would balloon out of all my clothes. I'm 78kg now and feeling stronger and fitter than i have in a long time. Honestly the best thing i have done for myself"

David Hills, Age 43, Father of 2, From South England

"Before joining Dean's program I noticed that since turning 40 I had slowly but surely started putting on weight around the midriff. I'm a keen cyclist but no matter how much I rode I just didn't seem to be able to reverse the trend. I tried adding daily push ups, then occasional CrossFit sessions at the gym, some HIIT, and sometimes a bit of Yoga and Pilates. I didn't realise it at the time I was lacking any real sense of direction. One thing I did realise however was that I wasn't really seeing much change in the mirror. 

Since starting with Dean I'm now leaner than I've been since my 20s. feel healthier, stronger, and as a result happier and more confident in myself. It also feels good to be setting a better example to my children. I've just signed up for a 2nd year with Dean - you can't get a much better endorsement than that - bring it on!"

Gareth, Age 41, Husband & Father of 2, From Ireland.

 "I have managed to break the rut and moved my BMI from overweight back into the ‘normal’ zone. The strength workouts have helped me tone up and I have become faster with the regular running I was already doing. But even better (as its not about the numbers) I now look and feel better... clothes that have not fitted me for months/years now do, I feel more confident in my appearance and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with my wife and kids."

"I was at that mid life stage of unfit getting a belly and beginning to not like what I saw in the mirror. I had never done anything like this before so didn't know what to expect. But Dean has never in my time with him made anything unachievable its always broken down in to manageable pieces and before you know it a huge change has occurred in your daily lifestyle. 

He has a way of talking to you like a friend and encourages the good but understands there will be some mistakes along the way and simply encourages the good which has worked for me. I have achieved many things I simply couldn't do before and am a much more confident and happy person because of the way I feel about myself and my body. Dean makes nothing impossible and everything achievable.  I would recommend him 100% he has a broad view of life and is very helpful in any way I have ever needed. Personally I am very happy I stumbled across his Facebook post. Thankyou Dean for everything."

I can’t tell you how proud I am that they’ve entrusted me with their hard earned, and are now reaping the rewards.

Will you be next?

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September


You Don't Need To Do Weird Diets, Count Calories, or Brutal HIIT Workouts Every Day

You may have heard people say lots of HIIT and cardio is needed to burn belly fat. 

Or that you have to count calories, cut out carbs, or 'eat for your body type' to lose fat.

And of course, 99 times out of 100, “The only way” they’re talking about corresponds EXACTLY with whatever it is THEY have to sell.

As if you won’t spot that a mile off!

And, as much as it's true that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, if all you do is restrict calories and eat les of what you're already eating, how does that improve your health?

What your physique? Your energy? Your mood around the family and productivity at work? 

I've spent lot's of time around very fit, lean, strong, athletic men. From top performing Infantry soldiers and athletes to personal trainers and nutrition coaches.

Over the past 10 years I've coached everyone from front line soldiers to the every-day dad who just wants to look and feel better. 

I don't know anyone who is always in great shape that obsesses over every gram and calorie they eat, or follows weird diets, or lots of crazy HIIT workouts.

They just have healthier habits than most people. And they do the things that build strength and muscle at least 2-3 times per week.  

Here’s the thing...

I know that for most men my Inner Circle will be a complete game changer.

But, if I told you it’s the ONLY way to lose fat and build muscle for life, I’d be lying.

100% you could do other programs and get the results you’re after. You won’t find me saying that Rebirth is the only way to get an athletic looking body. 

However, I do believe my Inner Circle might be the best solution for you right now.

Here’s why:

  • You'll get the support and accountability you deserve from your coach (me) plus a tight-knit community of like-minded guys inside our group, on the same journey as you. 

  • I help you get healthier (and amazing results) by adding in foods (not cutting back) that make you feel energised, fuller for longer, lose fat and build muscle without starving, deprivation, or obsessing over everything you eat.

  • It gives you the knowledge on good nutrition and the skills to confidently eat better anywhere - at home, in restaurants, on-the-go, and in the super markets, so you'll have the tools you need to be healthier and fitter for life. 

  • You'll create a solid routine and gain confidence in the most important kind of exercise for body transformation - progressive strength training - whether at home or in a gym. 

  • It gives you the structure, and incremental approach to helping you create some better habits that you can sustain long afterwards.  

  • Helps you stop starting and stopping all the time, by improving your mindset and focusing you on the long game to succeed. 

  • You get a down to earth coach, who know what it's like to work and raise a family, whilst living a healthier life (not some celebrity who has himself so high on a pedestal that you can't contact after giving him money). 

So while my Inner Circle is one of several options, hopefully you can see why I’m SO confident that it’s the BEST solution for you right now?

Gareth Smyth, Husband, Dad of 2 From Ireland, Living in Scotland 

"I tried various on-line/self managed training plans/phone apps which worked in the short term but fizzled out, so I had some preconception this programme might go the same way. The element missing from the other training plans, was the personal element provided by Dean. A down to earth coach (not a glitzy celebrity), with real life experience of what its like to live, work and raise a family that I found I could easily relate to."

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

It's Risk Free!

I've heard stories from clients about some popular fitness programs that, once you buy it, rather than actually equip you with the good fitness and nutritional knowledge for life, they try to sell you supplements you don't want. 

And you just become another number number in their profit system, without getting the promised guidance and support. 

My client, James, did the program in question twice, which helped him lose weight after 6 weeks, but he also lost strength and muscle, leaving him with the 'skinny fat' look, and not a clue how to fix it. 

So after all his hard work he gained the weight back (and some).

And he never got any real help or support from anyone at the company. 

Which is frankly disgusting. 

Not that I'm against supplements. I'm against trying to get as much money as possible from anyone coming to me for help. 

And, I would never leave a client unequipped with the most essential knowledge and skills they need to lose fat, and live a fitter, stronger life. 

I work by the code of serving my clients, by guiding you through the process, keeping clear on each step, and be available to help when you need it. 

In fact, I'm so confident my Inner Circle delivers great results, anyone who does sign up is covered by my money back guarantee...

If you commit to just 80% of the program for 12 weeks and don't see drops in belly fat, increased strength and energy, and don't feel equipped with solid exercise and nutritional knowledge for life?

Let me know and I'll send every penny back. 

No questions asked. 

PLUS... I'll continue coaching you for FREE until you do see those results.

How's that for fair?

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September.
Program Starts: Monday 4th September. 

Who Is Dean McMenamin Anyway?

You might be wondering why you should listen to anything I have to say.

Which would be completely fair.

So let me start by saying this: I honestly never expected to be have helped so many men get in shape. 

n fact, for lots of my adult life, I hated my body.  

I was in the Army for 11 years.

So I was fit, but didn't look it, and certainly wasn't healthy.

In 2012, I was medically downgraded for hearing damage, which meant I couldn't do 'normal soldiering' anymore, so I trained to become an Army Physical Trainer.

Which was cool, because new doors opened.

But no matter how much fitness I did my shape didn't change much.

I trained 6+ hours per week - weights, calisthenics, HIIT, running - did it all.

Yet I was skinny and fat at the same time.

Still felt embarrassed when I took the kids swimming.

And hated seeing pictures of myself on social media.

I tried lots of diet stuff - Calorie counting, Paleo Diet, Whole 30, Low Carbs, Carb Cycling - but struggled to stick to anything, so any fat lost, I put back on in double quick time. 

So I decided to find out what really works, and cut through all the overwhelming BS by studying as a certified Precision Nutrition coach, and realised all the restrictive stuff I did in the past was completely unnecessary.

I found a simpler way to get in shape and create better habits for life...

I lost the love handles, gained new muscle, had more energy, and loved what I saw in the mirror every day.

All whilst slashing my weekly workout time from 6+ hours down to 3 hours per week, and eating MORE foods I actually enjoyed.


Which gave me more time back for family, business, and whatever else I wanted to do. 

Not bad, right?

I'd left the Army and was already training clients, so I started helping clients with their nutrition the same way that was working so well for me, and many of them got better results, too.

Around 2018 a lot of men were reaching out to me for advice through social media.

Guys with equally busy lives, who still wanted to get in shape, but lived too far away to come and work with me.

So, I coached some of these guys remotely, who turned out to be some of my most inspiring clients to work with.

You may have saw many of their results from following my stuff.

Before long I was helping guys from all over the UK and Ireland.

And in this process the Inner Circle program was born - Helping busy dads from all overt the UK and Ireland get in the best shape of their lives. 

Are you ready to join us?

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

How Does It Work?

Rebirth is a 28 day remote coaching program for busy dads who want to lose fat, build muscle, and kick-start their body transformation.

You can join from anywhere... 

Get The Support You Deserve

✅ Direct access to me via our mobile app messenger, and access to everything you need: nutrition coaching, workouts, tracking your progress, etc. 

✅ High impact support and accountability - I'll look over your program every week to make sure you're getting stuck in, and I'll reach out through our app messenger to see how you're getting on and what you need. 

✅ Coach in your pocket: Reach out to me through the app messenger anytime you need anything, so you'll never feel stuck.  

✅ Your best chance of success with daily accountability on your app dashboard: tick off your habit and workout for each day to let me know you've done it, the app measures your total program consistency % each week - the more consistent you are, the more progress you'll make. 

✅ Community of support from like minded guys inside our Facebook group, all working on similar goals and keeping each other motivated. 

✅ Avoid all the frustrating and costly mistakes most guys make playing the 'lone wolf', and make FAST progress by leveraging my experience helping men get in shape over the past 11 years.



✅ Access to our weekly group zoom coaching call on Monday evenings, where you can check in with myself and the lads, ask questions, or just listen and gain good lessons and insights from our discussions (these aren't mandatory, and are always streamed into our FB group so you can catch them in your own time if you can make it live).

Life-Changing Nutrition & Habit Coaching

✅ Create better habits for life -  you'll have 1 simple Micro Action to practice daily, like making time, more protein, or veggies and fruits, etc, so you can stay consistent whilst dealing with work, kids, and everything life throws at you. 

✅ No diets, strict food rules, or counting calories, just good nutrition and lifestyle habits for successful body transformation. 

✅ Instant access to 2 of my recipe books packed full of healthier, delicious meals that will help you lose fat and the whole family can enjoy.


Body-Changing Exercise Coaching 

You're busy - skip the guesswork and headaches, let me create your workouts, you just get them done and get results - it's all on our mobile app you can access at any time.

✅ You'll gain strength, lose fat, and build muscle definition with 3 simple workouts per week, either at home or the gym. 

✅ I don't expect perfection, if you can't make time for 3 per week, 2 is great and will still get you results. 

✅ I'll help you master your exercise form with video demos for each exercise, and you can send me form videos through the app for personal feedback on any you want pointers with. 

✅ I'll also modify your exercises wherever you need it - if any exercises aren't right for you, just let me know and I'll swap in something that suits you better. 

✅ You can easily get started with any of these 3 workout set ups: 

1- Home workouts with a suspension trainer (or gymnastic rings) and resistance bands. (A pull up bar would be great also but not essential).

2- Home workouts with dumbbells, weight bench, etc. 

3 - Or full gym access.

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

How Much?

It’s difficult to put a value on how much the Inner Circle program should cost

I suppose what I could do would be to put a price against all of the different elements, and then work from there.

But honestly?

We’d be close to £650 per month. 

And that is NOT what I want to do here.

You see, having experienced fighting off hoards of woman with a shitty stick (LOL), and feeling proud of my son for following my examples by joining a gym, lifting weights, eating healthier, building his muscles and getting into mountain hiking at age 15...

I really want to share what I’ve achieved with as many men as possible, because then not only will I impact you by helping you get the body and confidence you want, but also have greater impact as you become a healthier, fitter role model for your family. 

And I know that a price tag in the mid 3 figures is going to make that inaccessible to lots of the guys who need it most.

I think I could happily charge £350 per month for this program and it will still be a bargain. 

But, I also want to make this as accessible as possible. 

So why don’t we call it £129 per month for a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks)? 

As you probably already know, these things are no quick fix. And short programs often run the risk of you losing momentum afterwards and gaining back the fat you lost, whilst losing the fitness you gained.

So although the Inner Circle program is designed to be a 12 month transformation package, this is a minimum 12 week offer...

Apply yourself and make faster progress in 12 weeks than most guys make in 12 months...


At that stage, if you want to keep going with us and get even greater results, awesome. 

But if you feel you’ve hit your goal and are happy enough to go your own way from there, that’s cool too.

Change what you see in the mirror, drop jean-sizes, feel fitter, stronger, and more energised - All backed with my cast iron money back guarantee...

Join me in the Inner Circle today...

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

Martin, Mid 40's From Scotland, Living in Brazil With His Family, Travels Back and Forth to Work Off-Shore.

Craig Grieg - Monoblocking business owner, husband, Dad of two, from Glasgow, Scotland.

Mike Thorogood, Age 42, Oil Industry, Husband, Dad of 2, From Aberdeen, Scotland - Travels Back and Forth To Work Off-Shore

Ian Donald, Aged 47, Husband & Father of 2, Medical Nurse & Major in Army Reserves, From Aberdeen, Scotland

This is only a few of the men I've helped. Are you ready to start your journey to having the body you've always wanted?

Click the orange button below, sign up, and I'll see you on the other side...

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September
Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September


If you’re anything like me, you get to this part of the page and you’ve got a few questions.

So I’ve created this handy little FAQ to deal with the most common ones, but, if yours isn’t there, feel free to drop me an email at dean@deanmcmenamin.co.uk and I’ll do my best to help

 Q: What kind of results can I expect?

 Q: I've did these app/online self-guided things before, and never stuck with it. I'm worried this might go the same way...

Q: What's the diet plan like?

Q: How is this different to all the other plans out there? 

Q: How much time will I need to commit?  

Q: What do I need to get started?

Q: How many workouts do I need to do per week? 

Q: What if family or work stuff comes up and I struggle with making time?

 Q: I’m so unfit I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up…

Q: What if I have questions or feel stuck with the program?

Q: What if I don't know how to do the exercises? 

Q: How does it work if I like a few beers at weekend? 

Q: How much is it? 

How long do I need to sign up for? 

 Q: Is there a guarantee?

So now you have all the answers. The only question I have for you is, what are you waiting for?

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September

What's Next?

We're very nearly at the end of this page, and if you're still reading, thank you. You are serious about living a healthier, stronger life, and whatever you decide in the next few minutes, nothing can change that. 

So let me finish by saying this...

As I see it, you’ve now got 3 options

Option 1: Close this page down, forget about it and carry on as you were.

Option 2: Decide that having a fit and stronger looking body is something you want to explore by yourself. You know it will take longer, with more roadblocks, and you are prepared for the long haul.

You can absolutely do that. There's plenty of books to read and I'm happy to recommend some if that's what you want to do. 

Option 3: Decide you want to get in the best shape of your life NOW, with the Micro Actions framework that can set you up for sustainable success, less frustrating mistakes, saving you time and stress going forwards.

Which of those 3 options will you choose? 

Only you can decide. But let me say this...

So many men dream about having a good looking body and being a fitter role model.

But very few do much about it. 

And since you're still reading this, I genuinely think you have what it takes to change your life for the better, with a great coach and support in your corner.

If you're ready to join me, click that orange button below, sign up, and I'll see you on the other side...

Doors Close: Midnight Friday 1st September. Program Starts: Monday 4th September
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You missed out!

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