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Join Us For an Unforgettable Experience  On Our 2nd Retreat in Loch Lomond 

"You Won't Regret It"

Your invitation to an unforgettable weekend in Loch Lomond, on Friday 4th August -Monday 7th August 2023 for our second Fitness retreat.

Our first retreat in Strathyre was incredible, and we're raising the bar this year. 

Because you're reading this, you're a highly valued member in our Inner Circle community, and I'd love for you to join us on this amazing weekend of connection, adventure, fitness, great food, and more. 

You already know the power of community is critical to physical transformation. 

I fully believe that men need other men on similar paths around us to push each other to raise our standards. 

It's rare to see groups of men who come together with the common goal of self improvement. Men who lift each other up and push one another to improve.

And when this happens, powerful changes come from it. 

“It's been about 20 years since I've done something like this for myself. I go away with the family all the time. But never do anything just for me"

- David Hills, DM Inner Circle Member from South England. 

This is what David said after we wrapped up our very first retreat in the Strathyre, 2022.

It's not like David isn’t the adventurous type. He’s a keen cyclist and loves outdoor life. And, he's a thriving member inside our Inner Circle. 

"My workout technique has improved massively from the 1:1 coaching this weekend. I'd feel completely confident walking into a gym and using kettlebells. This, as well as the cold water exposure has given me the confidence to keep pushing myself and improving. If you're thinking about doing this, I'd say just sign up and do it. It's definitely worth it."

-David Hills, Father of 2, DMIC Member, South England

To sum it up simply ...

It's a 'man’ weekend packed full of high level fitness coaching and adventure. 

"Iron Sharpens Iron"

Modern society has us living fairly safe and lap-dog lives. 

I've had quite the experience from 11 years in the Infantry, two operational tours, two years of training soldiers as an Army Physical Trainer, and 8 years as a personal trainer specialising in men's fitness. 

This has allowed me to see that the vast majority of men in our society never get to experience an environment where they can focus solely on themselves, discover what their body can really do, and push way beyond their comfort levels. 

And so they'll may never reach their full potential. 

This is why I started our annual retreat weekend. 

It's a chance for you to escape the grind and focus on you for a wild few days with like-minded lads in a stunning remote location in Loch Lomond. 

Join us on an unforgettable experience, make new friends with common goals, and raise the bar on your fitness goals. 

Our First Retreat in Stathyre Was A Huge Hit...


Get Ready For an Unforgettable Experience in The Stunning Loch Lomond National Park…

3 Days Stay In Tarbet Friday 4th Aug-Mon 7th Aug

Sharing 2 to a room, you'll stay in Ben Reoch cottage exclusive to our group, surrounded by mountains and woodlands, just off the banks of Loch Lomond.

Upgrade Your Training Skills With Personal Coaching  From Dean
  •  This won’t a mindless thrashing. You’ll be coached both 1:1 and group format to drastically improve your training skills - From kettlebell to bodyweight strength to mobility. 

  • You'll transform your fitness game by benefiting from a coaches eye with 10 years experience coaching everyone from front line Infantry soldiers to the every day man.

  • Fun, team-spirit group workouts in the Scottish outdoors.

“I’ve gotten more out of this single weekend from a training perspective than I have the past whole 18 months I’ve been training ”

- Stuart Dearden, DMIC member who travelled up from Manchester.

Trek One Of The Best Scottish Mountain Trails Going, Beinn Narnain (927m) Munro

Beinn Narnain is one of the most fun Munro routes going, that’s accessible without the need for any serious mountaineering skills. 


We'll trek through an uphill forestry track, onto a scenic hillside, then a rocky climb to the summit, where you’ll be greatly rewarded with amazing views over Loch Long, and the surrounding ‘Arrochar Alps’.
(Images from one of my previous treks up Beinn Narnain)

"The mountain climb was good fun. Once we were up there I could have stayed up there for a couple of days"

- Adam Hawking DMIC member who travelled up from Kent.

Brave The Cold Morning Water Of Loch Lomond...

More and more people are turning to cold water therapy to decrease stress, boost recovery and overall health and well-being. 


But mostly, it’s a great way to increase your mental fortitude by resisting the impulse to bail out.  


I'll guide you though this as a team in the early morning, and we'll come out with a great sense of accomplishment. 


Where better to practice than one of the most famous (and stunning) locations Scotland has to offer?

Acquire New Skills To Rapidly Reduce Stress & Accelerate Your Workout Recovery & Mental Wellbeing 

Want even better results from your training? 

Get better at recovery. 

Most men in today's society are chronically stressed and living in survival mode. Breathing exercises are scientifically proven to quickly reduce physical stress and speed up recovery.

Even special forces teams use focused breath work to both keep them calm during, and recover after high risk ops.

You’ll be guided through this with the group after each workout, equipping you with stress reduction skills you can practice anywhere, anytime.


Photo Credit: In Your Element 
Gorge Walking in Luss

Get ready for some adventurous exploring through rivers, waterfalls, and big jumps with all the guys egging you on. 

We'll be taken through the gorges of Luss by a guide from In Your Element.

Private Speedboat Tour of The World-Famous Loch Lomond

It’s a 2 hour trek or 20 minute drive from our cottage to the Gorge Walking meet location.

You’ll have a physical weekend already, and I’m sure you’ll spend enough time in transport getting here, so I wanted to spice this part up for you...


We’re taking 1 hour tour of Loch Lomond on a seriously fast speed boat with the guys from the Loch Lomond Wakeboard Company, who'll drop us off at Luss pier next to the Gorge Walking location. 


If you like loud music, and a little adrenaline rush, you’re going to love this :)

Dean McMenamin
Army Veteran, Body Transformation Coach For Men. 

Here’s The Deal…

Everything is included in the price. That means all food and drink for days 1, 2 and the Monday morning, all activities and accommodation.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting yourself there.


Now, because this is only my second experience weekend, and in a new location, I wanted to give the guys who decide to join me a discounted rate on future retreats once they’ve been running a few years consecutively. 


In future, I'll likely offer up spots for around £1200-1500. 


Considering the going rate for this kinda thing is usually in the £2,000-£4,000 range, I think that's a pretty fair price.


But like I say, this is only my second, and I want to make it as affordable as possible for you to come on board and experience this. 


The total cost is £1000, and we can sort out a pay-plan that works for you. 

Or you can save £150 on the above price by making a one-off payment of £850.


Like I said, that covers everything - The accommodation, food, and all activities. 


All you need to do is show up, leave the grind behind for the weekend, strap in and enjoy the ride. 


All in all we'll be there 3 nights, the dates are Friday 4th August - Monday 7th August 2023. 


Friday is just an admin afternoon to get settled in. So you can arrive early in the afternoon or a bit later, whenever suits you.


We’ll have our first team brief on Friday night to officially welcome you in and overview the forecast of events for the weekend. 


The 2 main days of events are Saturday and Sunday. 


And Monday will be a case of breakfast, tidy up, and check out.

If you have time to kill afterwards, we can grab some coffee somewhere in Arrochar, Tarbet, or Luss.  


What To Do Next 

1 - To sort out the payment plan, send me a message immediately at either or if you have me on Facebook, you can get me there. 


2 - For the one-off payment of £850 click the orange sign up button below and grab the last remaining spot now...

Or, if you have any questions at all, please fire away :)


Copyright 2023 by Dean McMenamin.