Making Dads 35+ Fit Again

Be Ready For Anything. 

Be The 'Jacked' Dad at The Beach.

Be The Role Model Your Kids Deserve.

(Without Soul-Destroying Diets or Endless Hours in a Gym)

Do you ever worry you may never get the body you want, because you're low on spare time and aren't getting any younger? 

I'm Dean, I'll introduce myself properly in a little while, but first...

I want you to imagine how you would feel if you didn't have to worry about your body image when you take the kids swimming, or hit the beaches on holiday...

... If you felt proud of what your reflection...

... And knew for sure that as a dad, you're modelling the healthiest examples.

Maybe you've noticed those guys who look like a man with a plan...

... The ones you see at the swimming pools with their kids, or the poolside on holiday who clearly look after themselves. 

... The ones in the gym who look like they know what they're doing...

... And the guys who lead by the front on the group runs, cycles, or hikes, instead of struggling at the back..

What if you were that guy... How would life be different?

How would you feel and act in those situations?

What clothes would you wear?

What activities would you do?

Who would you do it with?

Maybe it’s a nice thought experiment, or, maybe you feel defeated because it seems out of reach?

Like a distant dream you can’t quite conceive as real.

But, what if I told you that you didn’t have to just imagine it?

What if I told you that all those things (and more) are realistic for you? And, are actually much closer than you think…

You see, I speak to men every week who tell me the same things:

-They worry they'll never get in shape because they have little spare time and aren't getting any younger.

- They get frustrated when they see other guys their age in amazing shape. 

- They don't think they have the time or energy it takes to get in great shape because of work, kids, and everything else in life. 

- They think gaining a belly and having low energy is an age thing they might need to accept. 

- They believe they might just not have enough discipline and motivation to achieve their goal. 

But actually...

I see normal dads in their 30s, 40s, and 50s completely transform their fitness and physiques all the time...

... Without strict diets, calorie counting, or even working out more than 3 times a week.

Take my friend Sean for example ...

"I was in a bit of a rut in terms of fitness. I'd see other guys my age doing all sorts of workouts I had no clue about and generally looking like they had a plan and knew what they were doing. Despite trying to pick up a few tips in the gym, I saw no results whatsoever. I was feeling a bit shit physically and generally felt weak.

I kept putting off reaching out to Dean because I thought I was too busy to commit. I finally took the plunge and wish I'd done it sooner. The program has been a game changer. I spend less time in the gym than I did before, but now I look like one of the guys with a plan. I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have, the education around nutrition has seen my energy levels increase massively. Most importantly, it's all been small changes that are easy to sustain."

Before we met, Sean was in a constant struggle with feeling tired, weak, and physically crap (his words) despite hitting the gym 3-4 times every week.

Despite working hard between the weights and cardio machines, cutting out the junk food, but never saw any changes in the mirror.

He assumed following a program like mine would take up even more of his time, and it would be too hard to follow the diet plan, because he has two kids and a wife at home.

So he followed my stuff for months without reaching out.

Eventually, he got so fed up seeing other guys his age in the gym who looked amazing and had the results he wanted. 

Sean knew it was time to take action, so he contacted me.

And within just a few months his whole life looked different...

>> He experienced his first family holiday without having to suck his stomach in at the pool.

>> His energy was through the roof and had better moods at home.

>> He left his mates for dust on a mountain biking trip, as his new-found strength powered him up the hills.

>> And now he's one of the guys in the gym who looks like he has plan...

All whilst cutting back on his gym time and finding a way of eating healthier that actually worked for his busy work and family life. 

And today, I want to share how you can do exactly the same when you join me in the...

DM Inner Circle Coaching Program

I'll help you align your lifestyle with the leaner, stronger, confident, 2.0 version of yourself you want to become.

No BS diets, guilt-led feelings around food, or unachievable workout plans.

Just building a healthier you in clear, simple, sustainable steps each week.

It's all delivered remotely, so you can join from anywhere.

In just 12 weeks from now you could:

 >> Feel more pride at what you see in the mirror.

 >> Have more energy to crush it at work and be super hero dad.

 >> Fit back into smaller waist jeans and filling those t-shirts with muscle.

 >> Feel physically stronger and more confident in your skin.

 >> Have the knowledge and skills you need to live a lean, strong, athletic life.

 >> Be on your way to becoming the fittest dad at the beach.

>> Get more action between the sheets.

All this, and more you can accomplish when you follow my unique Micro Actions method to create better habits for life...

Combined with my simple (but brutally effective) 3X3 full body strength training protocol for big results in minimal time.  

Too Good To Be True?

I know that right now you might be thinking “Dean, this sounds too good to be true…”

And I certainly wouldn’t blame you for being sceptical. I've made some pretty wild claims.

But, I also know that if you’ve landed on this page and read this far down, that you’re sick of seeing a body you hate in the mirror, and ready for life in a body you can feel truly proud of.  

However, it's hard to know who to trust on the internet.

Sadly, there are a few shady character out there that would exploit you with false promises and the like.

It makes me angry to see that.

So I'll always be as open and honest as I can with people.

That’s why I give you a money back guarantee when you sign up to work with me.

That’s right, if you sign up today, but then decide, that it’s NOT worth the money you paid or isn't getting you results after just 12 weeks?

Then I will have failed. And I will give you your money straight back. No questions asked.

But honestly?

I know for certain just how life changing this is for the right people.

So when you sign up, I doubt you’ll ask for your money back, I expect you'll be joining these inspirational men below…

"One day I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror stepping out the shower and just though wow! Look at that. You can really see the changes"

James Blackshaw

Train Engineer, husband & Dad of two, from Paisley, Scotland.

 "Just as the first COVID lockdown sports...weight already 88kg and rising. I hate gyms and don't have the discipline to manage diets. I knew i had to try something or i would balloon out of all my clothes.

I'm 78kg now and feeling stronger and fitter than i have in a long time. Honestly the best thing i have done for myself"

Gerry Whyte

Age 40, Father of 2, From Ayrshire, Scotland

I was at that mid life stage of unfit getting a belly and beginning to not like what I saw in the mirror. I had never done anything like this before so didn't know what to expect. Over my time working with dean I have achieved many things I simply couldn't do before and I'm a much more confident and happy person because of the way I feel about myself and my body. Dean makes nothing impossible and everything achievable. I am still currently working with Dean and the improvements are still showing all the time. I would recommend him 100% he has a broad view of life and is very helpful in any way I have ever needed."

Adam Hawking

47, Dad of 3, Plant Hire Business Owner From Kent

"I have managed to break the rut and moved my BMI from overweight back into the ‘normal’ zone. The strength workouts have helped me tone up and I have become faster with the regular running I was already doing. But even better (as its not about the numbers) I now look and feel better... clothes that have not fitted me for months/years now do, I feel more confident in my appearance and I have more energy to enjoy spending time with my wife and kids."


Age 41, Husband & Father of 2, From Ireland

"Last September I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how did that happen?? I'd always been conscious of my body even in my teens. My weight had fluctuated up and down a number of times throughout my life. I started out on my own from September and had success but new I needed something different to sustain my progress.

I contacted Dean and started with the rebirth programme in January. I haven't looked back, the transformation in my health, my energy, my body shape is something I didn't believe would happen again for me."

Stuart Dearden

Accountant, Father of 1, From Manchester, England

I noticed that since turning 40 I had slowly but surely started putting on weight around the midriff. I'm a keen cyclist but no matter how much I rode I just didn't seem to be able to reverse the trend. I wasn't sure that Dean's program was really for me. After all, I wasn't especially overweight, and I felt that the gym workouts I was doing along with my cycling had me covered exercise wise.

But since joining I'm now leaner than I've been since my 20s. I feel healthier, stronger, and as a result happier and more confident in myself. It also feels good to be setting a better example to my children.

David Hills

40s, dad of 2, software designer, south England

I can’t tell you how proud I am that they’ve entrusted me with their hard earned, and are now reaping the rewards.

Will you be next?

You DON'T Have To Do Brutal HIIT Workouts, Circuits, or Endless Cardio...

You may have heard people say you need to be sweating buckets or panting and beathing out your arse to burn fat.

And of course any form of exercise is great for you.

But so many guys who specifically want a defined, toned physique are wasting time and effort into the wrong things.

See, having muscle definition is a combination of 2 things:

1 - Having good muscle development.

2 - Losing enough flab to actually see your muscle. 

The 'losing' part mostly comes down to your diet and nutrition. 

And, when you lose bodyweight your body loses the weight from both fat AND muscle mass. 

(Not great if you don't already have much muscle development). 

So unless you do the things that build muscle (proper progressive strength training) then you risk that skinny-fat look many guys end up with after weight loss.

And that might be fine if all you're interested is losing weight and looking slimmer in your clothes.

If so, this wouldn't be the program for you.

This is about helping you not only losing the dad bod, but also getting a defined looking physique you can be truly proud of, in a way that's both sustainable and achievable for the average dad. 

And look, I'm not saying my way is the only way to achieve your goal. 

There's hundreds of other options you could go with.

But what you do get working with me (besides a PROVEN system for getting men over 35 in shape) is actual support, guidance, and accountability from your coach (me) on a weekly basis.

To so many 'coaches' in the online space now you're just another number in their membership, helping them make bank. 

But since you've read this far, hopefully you can see that this is the best option for you right now. 

Gareth Smyth, Husband, Dad of 2 From Ireland, Living in Scotland 

"I tried various on-line/self managed training plans/phone apps which worked in the short term but fizzled out, so I had some preconception this programme might go the same way. The element missing from the other training plans, was the personal element provided by Dean. A down to earth coach (not a glitzy celebrity), with real life experience of what its like to live, work and raise a family that I found I could easily relate to."

It's Risk Free!

I've heard stories from clients about popular programs and 'online trainers' they've worked with before who, after signing up and receiving their initial plan, rarely heard from the trainer until it came time to sign them back up for another plan. 

They felt unsupported. Like just another number in the trainers business. They regretted their decision to work with them. 

Because they didn't get results, and didn't get the help they thought the were paying for. 

Which is frankly disgusting. 

I would never leave a client unsupported or unequipped with the right knowledge and clarity to achieve their goal.  

I know that coaching, support, and community are the special ingredients to transformation. 

And I'm so confident in my coaching that anyone who does sign up is covered by my 12 week 'no show or no pay' guarantee...

If you commit to just 80% of the program, and don't see drops in belly fat, improved upper body shape, increased strength and energy...

All with better habits and routines built into your life that you can continue building on...

Just me know and I'll send every penny back. 

PLUS... I'll continue coaching you for FREE until you do see those results.

And, if at any point after signing up you decide it's not for you, or for any reason you have to part ways then that is also totally fine.

How's that for fair?

Who is Dean McMenamin? 

You might be wondering why you should listen to anything I have to say.

Which would be completely fair.

So let me start by saying this: I honestly never expected to be have helped so many men get in shape. 

In fact, for lots of my adult life, I hated my body.  

I was in the Army for 11 years.

So I was fit, but didn't look it, and certainly wasn't healthy.

In 2012, I was medically downgraded for hearing damage, which meant I couldn't do 'normal soldiering' anymore, so I trained to become an Army Physical Trainer.

Which was cool, because new doors opened.

But no matter how much fitness I did my shape didn't change much.

I trained 6+ hours per week - weights, calisthenics, HIIT, running - did it all.

Yet I was skinny and fat at the same time 

Still felt embarrassed when I took the kids swimming.

And hated seeing pictures of myself on social media.

I tried lots of diet stuff - Calorie counting, Paleo Diet, Whole 30, Low Carbs, Carb Cycling - but struggled to stick to anything, so any fat lost, I put back on in double quick time. 

So I decided to find out what really works, and cut through all the overwhelming BS by studying as a certified Precision Nutrition coach, and realised all the restrictive stuff I did in the past was completely unnecessary.

I found a simpler way to get in shape and create better habits for life...

I lost the love handles, gained new muscle, had more energy, and loved what I saw in the mirror every day.

Case in point: 

All whilst slashing my weekly workout time from 6+ hours down to 3 hours per week, and eating MORE foods I actually enjoyed. 

Which gave me more time back for family, business, and whatever else I wanted to do. 

Not bad, right?

I'd left the Army and was already training clients, so I started helping clients with their nutrition the same way that was working so well for me, and many of them got better results, too.

Around 2018 a lot of men were reaching out to me for advice through social media.

Guys with equally busy lives, who still wanted to get in shape, but lived too far away to come and work with me.

So, I coached some of these guys remotely, who turned out to be some of my most inspiring clients to work with.

You may have saw many of their results from following my stuff.

Before long I was helping guys from all over the UK and Ireland.

And in this process my online nutrition and training program was born - Helping busy dads from all overt the UK and Ireland get in the shape of their lives. 

Are you ready to join us?

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up, here's the 5 steps we'll use to get you going, getting stronger whilst dropping fat and feeling awesome... 


Step 1: Your 1-1 Kick-Starter Call With Dean

Me with me on a zoom call to  you clear on the process, match you with a training program that best suits, identify some quick wins, and answer any of your initial questions.

Step 2: Gain Strength & Look Like You Lift...

You'll gain strength, lose fat, and achieve new personal bests on 3 simple (but brutally effective) full body workouts per week ...

>>  Although, I don't expect perfection, some weeks you'll hit all your workouts and others you may not, and that's OK. Consistency over perfection. 

>> You can access your workout inside my coaching app, and do them whenever works best for you and your schedule. 

>> Each workout has video demos so you know exactly how to perform your exercises. 

>> Submit form videos to me for personal pointers on mastering your exercise techniques. 

Step 3: Get Lean & Create Healthier Habits For Life...

>> Ditch the strict food rules, hard diets and 30 day culture changes. 

>> I'll help you lose fat, gain muscle, and tone up by creating better habits 1 at a time so you can achieve results and stay consistent with changes whilst managing kids, work, and everything else.

Step 4: The Support You Deserve...

>> Access to me via direct messenger inside my coaching app to answer any questions and help with any struggles you have.

>> Send me exercise form videos to get personal feedback to master your technique and get strong without injury. 

>> Access to 2 x weekly group coaching calls (Monday and Thursday evenings) to get help and learn from the other lads questions (these are not mandatory, and if you can't make them you can submit questions beforehand and catch the recordings later).

Step 5: Join The Community 

A tight-night community of like-minded lads on the same journey 

The Facebook group is brilliant with weekly challenges, the other guys sharing their wins (and struggles), where we keep each other supported and accountable. 

How Much?

It’s difficult to put a value on how much this coaching program would truly cost. 

I suppose what I could do would be to put a price against all of the different elements, and then work from there.

But honestly?

We’d be closing in on 4 figures a month. 

And that is NOT what I want to do here.

You see, having experienced fighting off hoards of woman with a shitty stick (LOL), and feeling proud at my son following my examples by lifting weights, eating healthier, building his muscles and getting into mountain hiking at age 15...

I really want to share what I’ve achieved with as many men as possible, because not only will I impact you by helping you get the body and confidence you want...

I'll also have greater impact as you become a healthier, fitter role model for your family. 

And I know that a price tag in the mid 3 figures is going to make that inaccessible to lots of the guys I want to help. 

I think I could happily charge £350 a month for it and it will still be a bargain. 

But, I also want to make this as accessible as possible.

So why don’t we call it £98 a month?

Another way to look at this is, how much it would cost you to hire a reputable personal trainer? 

You're talking at least £40-£50 per session. That doesn't include nutrition coaching. Hiring a good trainer to help you with both fitness and nutrition can cost you anywhere from £400-£700+ per month. 

Plus, when you consider the inconvenience of having to fit into a personal trainers availability schedule, it's both expensive plus harder to make work for you.

By signing up to my Inner Circle program today, you literally get a coach in your pocket. You can build the workouts and habits into life however works best for you.  So you'll save time, stress, and save at least hundreds of £££ over the cost of hiring a personal trainer. 

So if you're ready to change what you see in the mirror, drop jean-sizes, get fitter, stronger, and more energised - All backed with my cast iron money back guarantee...

Click below, sign up and I'll see you on the other side.... 

Martin, Mid 40's From Scotland, Living in Brazil With His Family, Travels Back and Forth to Work Off-Shore.

Craig Grieg - Monoblocking business owner, husband, Dad of two, from Glasgow, Scotland.

Mike Thorogood, Age 42, Oil Industry, Husband, Dad of 2, From Aberdeen, Scotland - Travels Back and Forth To Work Off-Shore

Ian Donald, Aged 47, Husband & Father of 2, Medical Nurse & Major in Army Reserves, From Aberdeen, Scotland

This is only a few of the men I've helped. Are you ready to start your journey to having the body you've always wanted?

Click the orange button below, sign up, and I'll see you on the other side...


If you’re anything like me, you get to this part of the page and you’ve got a few questions.

So I’ve created this handy little FAQ to deal with the most common ones, but, if yours isn’t there, feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll do my best to help

 Q: What kind of results can I expect?

 Q: I've did these app/online self-guided things before, and never stuck with it. I'm worried this might go the same way...

Q: What's the diet plan like?

Q: How is this different to any other online fitness thing? 

Q: How much time will I need to commit?  

Q: What do I need to get started?

Q: How many workouts do I need to do per week? 

Q: What if family or work stuff comes up and I struggle with making time?

 Q: I’m so unfit I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up…

Q: What if I have questions or feel stuck with the program?

Q: What if I don't know how to do the exercises? 

Q: How does it work if I like a few beers at weekend? 

Q: How much is it? 

 Q: What happens after 12 weeks of the program?

 Q: Is there a guarantee?