FREE Body Transformation Pack For Busy Dads Who Want To Recapture The Energy of Their Youth & Be The Fittest Dad at The Beach 

(Without Eating Entirely Different From The Family, Strict Diets, or Fitness Taking Over) 

From: Dean McMenamin. Father, Army veteran, Dads Body Transformation Coach.

Here's what's inside...

  • Eat better and lose more fat for the time you spend working out.
  • The Micro Actions method helping hundreds of men create better habits and be healthier role models without suffering strict diets or eating entirely different from the family.  
  • A simple portion-control guide you already have with you everywhere you go so no need to count calories. 
  • 4 foods to put on your plate to feel fuller for longer and raise your energy to keep up with kids, work, and finally get in shape. 
  • Cut through all the confusing diet advice you see online once and for all.
  • Proven workouts you can do at home to gain strength, get fitter, and look awesome in a t-shirt (exercise video demos included). 
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Dean McMenamin is known for helping men get their mojo back by going from dad bod to fit bod.

He started his fitness career in the Army, as a trainer of Infantry soldiers. Since leaving the Army in 2014 he's helped hundreds of men all over the UK and Ireland transform their health and body image 

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Email: dean@deanmcmenamin.co.uk

Phone: 07581035023

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