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The Busy Dads Essential Fat Burning Tool Kit

Through my own experiences with training and
helping Dads get in shape

Great results are not directly correlated with
how often you get to the gym

But how consistent you are with the basics

One of those basics IS working out

But for a busy Dad?

Stuff often comes up with family or

Or both

And the gym needs to dip out

This often happens with guys on my Dadformation
program too

And although the progressive strength work we
use IS a game changer in the results we produce

Shorter, simple and effective workouts at home serve
as a great back up when stuff comes up

And they serve as an even better way of complimenting
your main strength program

By TURBOCHARGING your fat loss results

(Even if it’s only a 10 minute workout)

Here’s a few ESSENTIAL pieces of kit every busy Dad
who’s committed to self improvement will benefit from..

#1: Jump Ropes

Skipping is great cardio that helps you burn fat
and level up your conditioning

The cool thing about these is you can always find
a place to do some skipping

Carry them anywhere (even on holiday)

Mix em up with some burpees

And you don’t need a lot of space nor time

So even on those days where motivation is low and
you really can’t be bothered working out and lifting heavy?

You could always convince yourself to some jump ropes

Even just for 10 minutes.

#2: Kettlebells

These things are a complete gym in the palm of
your hand

Make any 10 minute workout intense

And PROVEN to burn tonne of calories

You could even build a solid level of alround strength
with just these alone

The downfall?

The movements are pretty technical and take some time
to learn

Would be worth your while getting some coaching with
them first

A set of 12, 16 ,20 & 24kg for guys is perfect and
probably all you’ll need for a long time

#3: Resistance Bands

Another piece of kit you can pack snug into any bag

So you can always get some work in on the move

Or even just at home

Use them to make press ups harder

Do triceps push downs, extensions

Or train a lot of upper back muscles that are hard
to work without gym equipment

With face pulls and pull aparts

#4: Suspension Trainer/TRX

With this thing, your body weight is all you’ll ever
need to get lean and build a great body

And allows you to training those pulling movements
so that you’re not just banging out push ups all
the time

Which leads to muscle imbalance and shoulder injuries

Again, this something that packs away barely noticed


#5: My Fitness Pal

Of course, if fat loss is your main priority

None of this stuff matters at all if you’re
not getting your nutrition right

My Fitness Pal is FREE app that helps keep
you on the right side of the energy balance

So all that money spent on kit, gym memberships
and coaching

And all that time spent sweating it out

Isn’t a complete waste of time

You can download that to your phone right here:

If high quality kit is important to you?

It’s not difficult to find all of this online
from the top brands

But alternatvely?

You could probably get every bit of this for around
£100 from Decathlon:

The only thing for it after that?


Committing anything from 10-30 minutes a day
to bettering yourself

Have an awesome journey


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Dean McMenamin is an Army veteran, father, dog-lover and body transformation coach to every day men all over the UK & Ireland. He's also a big eater of ice-cream.

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