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42 Ways To Be Fitter, Stronger, Healthier Than Everyone Else

Over 60% of men in the UK and Ireland are obese or overweight. It’s normal to have high blood pressure and pre-diabetic. Auto-immune conditions are becoming normal.

The number of fat kids are rising too – when I was in school in the nineties and early 2000’s, there was like, three. They need more healthier role models.

Here’s 42 ways to be fitter, stronger, and healthier in an age where it’s normal or struggle with weight, fitness and body confidence…

  1. Schedule your week and block off time to work on you goal.

Anyone who’s told me they ‘need another few hours in the day’ for fitness has never been able to show me their schedule. They do have time. They’re just unorganised.

2. Do things that make you stronger – it’s one of the biggest correlating factors to longevity and reduced risks of dying from all causes.

3. Don’t neglect cardio – your heart is a muscle, too.

4. Create a bedtime ritual that helps you wind down.

5. Have screen cut-off time 30-60 mins before bed – light at night crushes melatonin, your recovery hormone.

6. Eat for health and longevity, there’s more to a healthy body than calories.

7. Keep notifications off your phone – if someone important needs you, they’ll call.

8. Don’t fall for dogmatic fitness regimes – use a combination of basic bodyweight, dumbbell, and kettlebell movements for a well rounded fitness game and physique.

9. Get your waistline smaller than your chest circumference (So, eat right and get strong).

10. Walk every day – do at least 7000 steps.

11. Take up an active activity or sport- hike, climb, cycle, swim, etc.

12. Unplug from all forms of media at least one day per week.

13. Make mobility training part of your routines – hips, shoulders, upper back – your body will thank you.

14. Eat mostly single ingredient whole foods.

15. Prioritise lean protein and colourful veggies at every meal.

16. Actively recruit your circle of fit friends.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests a man is 57% more likely to become obese if he has an obese friend.

“researchers found that when a person becomes obese, the chances that a friend will become obese increases by 57 percent. Siblings of obese people have a 40 percent increased risk of obesity, and their spouses’ risk increased by 37 percent.

On average, having an obese friend made a person gain 17 pounds, which put many people over the body mass index (BMI) measure for obesity.

Female friendships did not seem to be impacted by obesity. But the chances that a man might gain weight from having a fat pal doubled for so-called mutual friends — friends who both listed each other as buddies.”

17. Don’t snack.

“Snacks are for fat fucks.” – Jay Ferruggia.

18. Eat plenty of smart carbs from fruits, whole grains, and starches at your meals (a fit strong body needs fuel).

19. Avoid vegetable oils and fake butters like the plague – Eat real butter (as long as you’re ok with dairy).

21. Get to a standard of 30+ press-ups and 10+ pull-ups no matter where you’re starting from now.

22. Be explosive – Jump, sprint, kettlebell swing – we lose our fast-twitch muscles as we age. Stay quick, stay young.

23. Practice breathwork or meditation – stress is the number #1 reason most men don’t achieve their health and fitness goals.

24. Write down your goals…

And have a ‘check in’ with yourself every week. Hardly anyone does this, and most people are overweight and unfit. Don’t be like everyone else.

25. Get to bed no later than 10:30pm – crap sleep increases your waistline, crushes your health, energy, and motivation.

26. Get good at the polite ‘NO‘.

Few pints with the boys? Favors for everyone and anyone? You’ll never be a fit healthy role model by being a yes man.

27. If you have mercury fillings, get them out. Do it now.

28. Don’t use anti-perspirant deodorants

Aluminium is a horrible ingredient linked to many health problems. Use a natural deodorant, like The Fit Pit.

29. Sweat every day – it’s your bodies drainage system.

30. Do weighted carries.

31. Invest in your relationships.

People in the blue zones with the longest life spans have strong social connections and community.

32. Positive thinking is a practice: journal, meditate, spend time around people who lift you up.

33. Read ingredients labels.

Don’t trust the big food companies or regulating bodies to put your health (or your kids health) before profits.

34. Toss the toxic non-stick pans in the bin – go cast Iron or stainless steal.

35. Use glass oven dishes instead of tinfoil, aluminium seeps into your food.

36. Have a weekly food shopping ritual.

37. “everything in moderation” is not in the vocabulary of fit, lean, strong people.

38. Plan active family holidays.

39. Don’t drink your calories (much).

40. Don’t stock up food or drink you’re likely to overeat in your home – your environment matters.

41. Set boundaries around mobile phone use.

42. Give the gift of health, share this with someone who matters.

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