Are You Sporting An Embarrassing Dad Belly?

“Let Me Help You Transform Your Body, Become A Better Dad, Partner And Unstoppable Inspiration To Everyone Around You” – Dean McMenamin

No Idea How To Workout Properly For Results Or How To Change Your Eating Habits For The Better?

Worried You Are Becoming An Embarrassment To Your Family?

Frustrated With Working Out But Never Seeing Results Or Managing To Stick It Out At The Gym?

I Want To Help You Change That..

If You're fed up seeing no progress from your efforts in the gym or sick of seeing other guys getting great results when you're working hard too... But gaining absolutely no returns for your efforts then my Dadformation Program is the place for you.

Being a busy Dad, you really can't afford to get it wrong when it comes to working out and nutrition, you're busy and you're family need your energy. Every failed attempt is time better spent with your family, so let me give you the right support and guidance to make an impressive transformation and become the confident role model you want to be.

I want to invite you to take part in a FREE 7 day taster week (normally £50) so you can experience what this fully coached, life changing program can do for you.

By the end of this 7 day semi-private coaching experience you will already notice a huge difference in yourself with more than doubled energy levels, more confidence in how to work out and lift weights properly and more clarity on what foods to eat and how to live a healthy, sustainable life style that brings you both jaw dropping results for your body and allows you to enjoy the foods you like and what life has to offer at the same time.


I know how it feels

Every one of the guys I’ve helped… I’ve already been in their shoes. I’ve been skinny, skinny fat, weak, self-conscious and even depressed.

I spent years following crappy advice from magazines and wasted thousands on supplements which lead to no changes, a lot of frustration and seriously injured joints from lifting weights wrong and going at it alone.

Once I became a trainer though and spent some time changing my own body and getting my life on track, I set my mission to help guys like you.

I created the 'Dadformation Challenge' to help busy Dads lose the gut and build a strong athletic body whilst having fun with the right support and elements in place.

I've been training with Dean for almost 10 weeks now and the transformation I've gone through is amazing. I was working out on my own for a year or two, regularly but without focus or the right knowledge prior to joining up. My strength levels have basically doubled. I am leaner, more muscular and I feel amazing. The sessions are intense, challenging work but easy to get through with the support and encouragement of Dean and the other lads. He helped me overhaul my diet and now I'm eating healthy and sleeping better. Basically, everything has improved and I couldn't be prouder of myself and impressed by the training regime. Thanks a million buddy, you have actually changed my life.

William Lockhart Dad of 1, Glasgow

I've been training with dean for 6months now can't recommend it enough!

I started cos I went on holiday and suddenly realised how outa shape is got. Too much curry’s and beers had tried gyms before but could never stick to it. So, gave deans month trial with money back guarantee. After that there was no going back. Everything from the nutrition plan To the original workouts To the small group of lads you train with Is Spot On! Easily the best way I've tried to get in shape! I’m Still training with Dean Bout to tackle dirty rat race weekend which is 20mile 200 obstacles which would never have been happening if I hadn't signed up 6 months ago!

Peter Chrystal Electrician/business owner Paisley

Been training with Dean for 6 weeks now and can honestly say I am stronger and fitter than when I first started. Was messing about for years going to the gym now and then kidding myself on so needed to get myself into a group environment and seen Dean's post on FB and instantly thought "this is for me" and emailed him straight away and applied. Was a bit apprehensive when I 1st arrived with not knowing any1 but soon got over that as the rest of the lads were brand new and in the same boat as me so all was good. Dean incorporates a lot of different techniques into the workout and pushes u to your limits. which has increased in the few weeks of being there with progressive overload. I enjoy working with him and the rest of the group and can see myself continuing this program for the foreseeable future as I am happy with the results I have achieved in the short period of time compared to slogging it out on my own and not really pushing myself. Dean also has a good knowledge of nutrition and relays that to you on a weekly basis which is a big help on getting the results you want.

Eddie Carlin Dad of 1 Glasgow

WARNING: Committed participants in this PROVEN and exclusive program have all reported the following side effects:

  • Replace weak, spaghetti arms with bigger, shapely arms that look great in a t-shirt (and will have all your mates talking)
  • ​Become the super hero Dad you want to be for your kids and a confident lader for them in any situation.
  • Swap your embarrassing man boobs for strong looking plates of meat that your Mrs won't be able to take her hands off.
  • Take the kids swimming without feeling like an embarrassment or ashamed of your body.
  • Turbocharged energy levels so you’re never too tired to keep up with your training and family life
  • Be part of a team of like-minded guys who bring boatloads of motivation to your life and make working out the best part of your week
  • Transformed strength and ability that enables you to walk into any situation and dominate.
  • Compliments… Yes, other people WILL notice you changing and you’ll become someone else’s figure of inspiration. (especially your children)
  • Loaded with sex appeal and never feel self-conscious again.
  • An athletic looking body that's unmatched in your circle of mates.

What You Get When You Sign Up To This FREE 7 Day Trial...

    • 3 x semi-private personal training sessions a week making you big savings on the costs of 1-1 personal training so you can get the body you've always wanted FASTER and spend more on your family (All done at my private garage gym in Pollok, Glasgow) .
    • A 14 day 'all access' pass to our private inner circle group where I'll support you and keep you accountable
    • Coached by me personally through every workout so that you execute each and every exercise the way it should be done. So that you gain the confidence and experience to do this stuff in any gym any time on your own.
    • You get me coaching you on nutrition. Helping you make progress in your diet so that you gain the knowledge to understand what works for you. And make a super-fast transformation rather than spinning your wheels with no results.
    • Instant access to my ‘Get Lean’ blueprint where you’ll discover how to ditch the embarrassing gut for good and build a body that impresses the knickers off your missus.
    • Elite level mindset coaching so that you can finally see transformational results
    • Access to me 24/7 so that your every question is answered and there's never any guesswork or getting stuck and you never feel alone.
    • You'll be part of our tribe of like-minded guys who bring boatloads of motivation to every workout so that your workouts are a joy (No more slogging it out on your own).
    • Private members only WhatsApp group where you get access to learn from myself and the rest of the gang’s experiences so that you progress faster (And keep your morale high with a few playground jokes too)


    If you decide to sign up as a full member after the FREE 7 Day Taster Week and DON'T see the guaranteed results...

    1. Have more energy to dominate your busy lifestyle
    2. See visible changes in your body (lose the belly and visible muscle tone)
    3. Know EXACTLY how to execute proper strength training with CONFIDENCE so that you can get these results long term without hurting yourself
    4. Gain the knowledge you need on nutrition in order to see faster results with your body, turbocharge your energy levels... And keep your results for good.

    Then I'll happily pay you EVERY SINGLE PENNY back.

    Click The Button Below To Get Started On Your Dadformation Journey With The FREE 7 Day Taster Week.


    The spaces on this life changing programme are EXTREMELY limited and only come on offer once every month.

    If you want to let another month pass by (and then another and another) feeling the same about yourself with no confidence and still no further forward in seeing the shape of your body changing? Don’t do anything.

    But if you want to guarantee a better life for you and your family next month... Having more energy to be there for your kids, more confidence with your shirt off, better sex and general day to day happiness? Then do something about it NOW: